MisterMoonshine: Why would this suddenly matter?

“My Bank Story for the Doubters” by MarBar – 2.16.17  7:10:00 PM 

Hello Community. This is my first time posting. I have been on this roller coaster for 7 months. My utmost respect to those who have been in this for many years. I am not a guru. I am not an intel specialist.

I do wish to share my bank story with D.C. Especially those who still may doubt the Restored Republic and gold backed currency information that is obviously the foundation of our GCR.

 Since I am new, I have had days of doubt, like most whether this is really going to happen. I believe I’ve had my breakthrough moment today where I no longer have any doubts.

My mother is a retired bank manager of a small local bank in NE Pennsylvania. I no longer live there. I live out west. The lady that took my mother’s place when she retired is a very close family friend. I graduated high school with her daughter. My mother still keeps in contact with her and of course continues to do her banking there.

I grew up in a very small town where it is referred to as “the bubble” and a joke is often made that if the world ended, the town would find out 5 years later. I explained to my mom about the GCR and she had an understanding due to her banking career. Well, since things feel very close, I asked her to visit our bank manager friend and inquire about the new currency that is to be in every bank …post gold backing announcement. This was her response:

“We were informed of a new multi colored currency around Christmas time. However, it never arrived. We are expecting it soon, yet an exact date hasn’t been given. I have spoken to the WF (there’s a WF in my town too) manager and they are aware of the new currency and have stated that it is to be gold backed.”

This person has no reason to lie to me and I have no reason to make this up as I am always looking for answers like all of you. I hope this helps anyone who thinks just because things are moving slowly and on a divine calendar that it is some cabal scheme. It’s not. It’s very real. And even the small bank in my hometown is to take part.

Much Love,    MarBar


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