AvonLady:  Well I had a very good meeting with the wealth mgr and a Financial advisor
I went in with 15 questions to ask…. thru in a few odd ball ones to see if they continue answering

This was at WF

Very good responses from them…. they know their job and they are fully aware of whats going on around them …. I asked some pretty good questions.. they told me it tooks as if I had been studying or taking lesson because I knew what I was looking for

So about an hour into it…. both were with me at that time… I asked them both what they knew about the foreign currency and rates
They looked at each other and said hmmmm… said what do you know about them. So I told them I do hold some… and that I have been following the rates and I understand that they are soon going to Rv….

He said ok… then I said.. your turn…. tell me what you know

LOL…anyway… they said they do know that the banks have been going thru training…. they said that they understand that the process is about to end…

I asked them if they knew a location that they’d send people  to exchange them… The WM said that there are locations set up and he’s not sure of where they are …. he said that he has had many calls on it as well

They said they couldn’t tell the rates right now… they did ask me if I was going to build my foundation with WF afterwards and I said yes good possibly.. they got more relaxed and said .. can we ask you what kind of figure your looking at …

I said .. well Im not going to go into that ….I said I will have enough not to worry but I wanted to sit on things for 6 mths before jumping into anything..

They knew more then they wanted to say….

He told me that if I went to WF out east of me that I probably would get the answers that they couldn’t tell me

They did answer all my questions and with good feelings … they would be a great one to set up with ….

So tomorrow I am going to go make my deposit (small as it is) LOL at the bank out east and look about… this would be the one I bought my Dong at

They told me that I was very prepared , intelligent, and knew what I was looking for in a Financial advisor and WM

I like that they are a team of 5 that helps people build their foundation and helps with everything.

I was dressed nice….

I do have a copy of all my questions.. if anyone would like to see them

It was a overall a great meeting…

I felt like for my first time really going before them…. I did good and I got great responses
RAB:  Best part is: “they said they do know that the banks have been going thru training…. they said that they understand that the process is about to end..

DinarBeliever:  I’ve heard that Trump is making an Announcement on Saturday at 5PM EST… it’s been an exciting month so far…. good luck to all

AvonLady:  Yes. matter of fact the WM said that too .. we were talking about Trump and all that he has done so far… and then said he heard from his wife that he was going to make a big announcement

snickers :  I thought he said he might announce something about taxes.

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Avon Lady: Financial and Wealth Mgr Visit 2/16/2017
Today was my visit with a Wealth Mgr and Financial advisor . I was prepared with several questions to ask them and I will post those questions below if anyone wants to use them:

1. Can you tell me about your current relationship with your coach / mentor?  Look for his responses: a. is he open to answers b. look for honesty. c. is the vulnerability there.

2. How do you invest for yourself? This is more directed towards education not money.

3. Whose responsibility is it to keep connected? a. what about meetings?      b. are they quarterly or annually? c. who’s responsibility is it to schedule those meetings.

4. How are you compensated ?

5. What’s your education? a. did you get a college degree b. is the degree related to offering financial services c. its ok to be intelligent but educated is important.

6. Has there ever been any complaints against you or your services ? a. watch for honesty b. how he handles the answer

7. Do you own the same investments and insurance products that your recommending for me? a. if no, why?

8. What will happen to my accounts if something happens to you? a. #1 fear especially if point of contact is by phone. b. who’s the next point of contact with.

9. How much do you charge? a. Don’t be shy- bring this up, no surprises.   b. If fees aren’t clear, ask more questions. Compensation varies greatly.

10. Are you a fiduciary ? (fiduciary means legally appointed, authorized to hold assets in trust for another person) He puts clients needs aheadof his own, regardless of the situation.

11. Can you give me examples of your clients commitments? a. He’ll either give clues about motivation b. he works only the collect a paycheck. c. and there are those truly dedicated and passionate about what they do. Committed long term.

12. How long as he been in this line of business.  Is he licensed, look at credentials.

Always make sure they are listening to you and not interrupting you giving a pitch.
My last question was for him was:  Have you ever lost a client or fired from a client.  This may give you a better sense of the advisor values and shows what type of client he work’s with.
I did search for questions other then the ones I already had wrote down. Hope this helps those that are unsure of what to ask when you go in. You want them working for you not against you ..

Q.? Were you satisfied with his answers ?

A. I was very satisfied with them. I felt comfortable

I watched for facial expressions, attitude of both of them and both of them were great.


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