[Where] the nine points of the agreement are published and victory

Where the nine points of the agreement are published and victory





Baghdad announced the leader of a coalition going to Moqtada al-Sadr alliance with the head of the block Nasser Haider Abadi; to form the next government.
In a joint press conference with Abadi held in Najaf on Saturday, Al-Sadr read the nine points agreed upon by the two blocs:
1. Calling for a trans-ethnic and ethnic alliance that includes all components of the Iraqi people.
2 – Continue to fight corruption and remove the corrupt from the positions of the state and the government and provide those who prove the files of corruption to the Iraqi judiciary.
3 – forming a government of technocrats of competencies away from narrow quotas.
4 – Support and strengthen the army and police and security forces and the inventory of weapons by the state.
5. Develop a reform program to support the Iraqi economy in all sectors.
6. Maintain a balanced relationship with all countries to achieve Iraq’s interests, sovereignty and independence.
7 – Support the reform of the Iraqi justice system and activate the role of the prosecution.
8 – maintain the unity of Iraq and the land and people.
9. Emphasize the peaceful transfer of power.

Source: alliraqnews

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