We are getting down to the very end.

…Iraq on Sunday morning…took their rate and made it tradable…and in 8 seconds after it was on the Forex available to be traded, it was traded up. It has been traded up ever since and it continues to go there. Even yesterday it went over from $6 to $6.50, and I do not know where it is now. I am just saying that it is moving in the right direction. I will say this as well. The Vietnamese dong at this point is within 6% to 8% of the Iraqi dinar. It should stay there within 6% to 8% because they are trying to level the playing field with the dinar, the dong, and I do not know how many other currencies are going to be that close on par, but I do know those two are relatively close. You can forget all that .47 cents for the dong…because it is going to be much higher than that.

Source: Dinar iraq and dong vietnam