Washington agrees to send US troops to “protect” the elections in Iraq

Washington agrees to send US troops to protect the elections in Iraq

The Euphrates –

A spokesman for the so-called “Nineveh Arab tribes” Muzahim al-Hewitt, the request for “official” to the US government includes sending US troops to oversee the upcoming parliamentary elections, stressing that the American side agreed to their request.

Al-Hewitt said active Sunni tribes and parties had submitted a unified request to the US government recently to send US troops to oversee elections in Sunni areas to replace security forces and popular mobilization. Adding that the US side approved the proposal and will send troops in the coming days to the Sunni provinces and disputedareas, without revealing the numbers of these forces.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar revealed on Tuesday the intention of the Union of Forces to ask the federal government to deploy US troops in their areas during the parliamentary elections scheduled for next May.

Source: alforat

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