Vi?t Nam wants to join supply chains: official

Vi?t Nam wants to join global supply chains and management and governance systems to help businesses control the market, build confidence among customers and increase profits and connectivity with global partners, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade (MoIT) ?? Th?ng H?i said.

H?i told a conference on supporting policies to help Vietnamese enterprises join global supply chains held in Hà N?i on Friday that the ministry has advised the Government to promote the consumption of domestic goods and help firms expand markets and organise goods supply chains.

He cited the campaign ‘Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods’, the rural trade development project, a project promoting Vietnamese firms to export to foreign distribution networks, the national trade promotion programme, the national industrial encouragement programme, and the trade development programme in mountainous, remote, sea and island regions.

Deputy Director of the MoIT’s Domestic Market Department Lê Vi?t Nga said supply chains played an important role in helping enterprises operate effectively and promote economic growth.

“Global firms join supply chains to increase profits and achieve sustainable development,” she said, adding that engagement in well-managed supply chains helps them dominate markets, gain trust from customers and expand business strategies.

Since 2013, the MoIT has approved 1,025 projects worth a total of VN?511.5 billion (US$22.5 million), including 733 projects worth more than VN?154 billion ($6.7 million) to promote domestic trade in mountainous, border, sea and island areas.

More than 90 per cent of Vietnamese businesses are small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often encounter difficulties in terms of capital, technologies, lack of management skills and connectivity. These are the major hindrances for businesses when joining supply chains.

Links among producers and distributors in supply chains have been weak and even created unhealthy competition, making it hard for Vietnamese firms to join big markets.

Experts said the Government should introduce policies which are easy to apply to minimise administrative procedures to help firms join supply chains.

In addition, organisations should be more active in participating in supply chains to establish win-win relationships.

The deputy minister said that the event provided insights into the real situation of Viet Nam’s participation in the global supply chain at a time when the Government is determined to build a constructive system of integrity and action.

At the event, experts discussed support mechanisms available for Vietnamese businesses to participate in the global supply chain, the experience of successful businesses in expanding markets, and the Law on Support for SMEs. — VNS

Source: Viet Nam News

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