US: Sadr’s victory in the Iraqi elections and sanctions start the defeat of Iran


A spokesman for the US National Security Council said Iraq was working to counter Iran’s bad behavior.

He said in a statement quoted by “Al Arabiya” that Iraq’s peaceful, comprehensive and democratic elections over the weekend proved this.

He pointed out that “criticizing Iran and criticizing its bad influence was a big issue among the Iraqi voters and many candidates who won the elections.” He clearly indicated that the Sarsoun list had the largest number of seats, representing the Sadrist movement led by Moqtada al-Sadr and his allies He is known for his Arab tendencies and has been challenged by Iran and its allies in Iraq.

The US administration decided to confront the Iranian problem by adopting three clear confrontations. The first is the imposition of sanctions. The second is to stabilize the allies on the ground. The third is to respond to Iranian provocation anywhere and firmly.

In the past few days it seems clear that the Trump administration is determined to speed up the confrontation. The president has been frustrated by the actions of European partners over the past months. Despite repeated hiccups with French President Emmanuel Macaron, Trump has not succeeded in persuading anyone to adopt his demands to reconsider the agreement The Europeans have slowed down in dealing with the missile file and their position on Iranian interventions and sponsorship of terrorism has remained very weak.

Source: Twilight News

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