US President Declines Pentagon’s Military Plan to Defeat IS

US President Donald Trump rejected Pentagon’s plan for tackling the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, as he believes it was too similar to Barak Obama’s plan.

According to the recent reports by Daily Beast, which quoted two US officials and a senior administration official, the US military is reluctant to come up with a completely new plan, in regards to the ongoing war against IS in the Middle East.

US Special Forces have killed about 50 IS leaders, since the start of Trump’s mandate in the White House. However, the number is yet smaller than the one reported in the last six months of Obama’s presidency.

Trump has made a few changes to the US anti-IS strategy so far, but has promised repeatedly that there would be a new and comprehensive plan against the extremist group.

Since the start of his election campaign, Trump claimed he had a plan for defeating IS completely, but refused to explain what exactly the plan was.

Source: BasNews

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