Trump: Summit with North Korea leader in Singapore canceled

Trump - Summit with North Korea leader in Singapore canceled

US President Donald Trump has decided to cancel a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12 because of Kim’s recent “hostile” remarks, the White House said.
“I was looking forward to meeting you,” Trump told the North Korean leader and published the White House on Thursday.
“Unfortunately, on the basis of the tremendous anger and open hostility that you showed in your last statement, I feel that this long planned meeting is not appropriate at the moment.”
However, Trump expressed his willingness to hold a meeting with Kim later, saying: “I felt that a wonderful dialogue between me and you was being built, and that dialogue is the most important thing in the end, I would like to meet you one day.”
The US president thanked the North Korean leader for the release of the American citizens held in Pyongyang, expressing appreciation for the “beautiful step”.
Source: mawazin