Trump gives the power to allow the Pentagon to increase US troops in Iraq

[Mtabah- Where] US President Donald Trump Army gave the authority to change the confusingly system to determine troop levels in Iraq and Syria , said critics of him that allowed the White House to control every nook and cranny of the decisions of battles and ultimately led to the lack of clarity in the real numbers of US troops.
He confirmed the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] on Wednesday this procedure and said it had not yet been no change in US troop levels.
She also stressed that the US strategy in Iraq and Syria continue to focus on supporting local forces fighting Daesh a style led to avoid the need for a ground force large American.
However , the change in troop levels , another sign of the big powers that Trump was relieved apparently to give military personnel in making decisions about their leaders battle courtyards were allowed more rapid increases in troop numbers in the future.
The system, known as the level of forces management system has been developed in Iraq and Syria during the rule of President Barack Obama ‘s administration as a way to gain control of the US military.
Obama lifted the restrictions , including periods allowed to increase the number of troops in Iraq and Syria , with the development of the campaign against Daesh.
However , the numbers were not reflect the US commitment on the ground because the size of the military leaders were finding ways not usually ideal to circumvent restrictions , including sometimes bringing troops temporarily or hiring more contractors.
It is believed that troop levels amounting to a military official in Iraq 5262 and 503 military personnel in Syria less than two thousand more troops from the actual number of US forces in the two countries.
Said Dana White , Pentagon spokeswoman said Trump awarded Defense Secretary James Mattis determine troop levels in Iraq and the authority of Syria from now on.
It said in a statement published on [BuzzFeed News] earlier Wednesday , “We will review to ensure that the numbers that we provide to Congress and the public to reflect realities on the ground accurately, it comes to transparency.”
Supporters say regime change from within the US military also said that the transfer of decision – making power to the Pentagon from the White House will allow more flexibility in dealing with sudden developments in the battlefield.
Switch forces determine the level of another system may be more transparent thorny task, especially because of political sensitivities in Iraq against US forces, but the Iraqi and US governments to the need for continued They noted the US military presence, has not yet been decided the size of such a presence.
Experts say many information on the arrival or departure of US troops, especially if announced in advance may give the enemy information.

Source: alliraqnews