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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Monday, February 8, 2016. What a Marvelous Monday it is!

@THE_TNT_TEAM: The call is at 1, Eastern. Change is not coming……it’s happening! I believe. #wearethepeople.

That is the reference point of this call, that the change is actually happening, not coming in the future. That’s the Message I want to leave with you today. Do we have the RV now? No, because we are not at the bank – but were they expecting us? Let’s look at the events of the weekend.

When we left on Friday, there was an anticipation for the rest of the cards to be issued and then funded. We had learned that over the weekend cards were issued and payments made, even for the month of January. Our main question is now ‘rates’. So how many (what percentage) cards have been issued, and at what rate? In addition to that, when we reflect back on Item 4, the memo from RAF bank stated that smart cards will be international effectively immediately. The US banks received that memo on 25. January. Here we are on 8. February, there have been no retractions, so we assume these new funds are international and that has been confirmed by people using the cards. We believe that the currency is international to all intents and purposes, that progress is being made, although it has not been seen in all areas.

On the US side, we have Item 5, the new memo, and we got it! And we confirmed with the banks that they had received it. All the banks have received this memo as well, stating they are initiating exchange activity on Monday and be prepared to work long hours. So this morning they were expecting to process quite a few of you, and have made arrangements to accommodate you. It’s my understanding that they are in a big-time conference right now to pinpoint what is going on and why they are not processing people this morning. There was big expectation for us to do our exchanges today – the banks were expecting to do long hours on 8. February, and that is today.

Why would they expect to do it on Monday? They received information from some source telling them to get ready for the first of the week. There must have a been scheduled times for this to go on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don’t know why it didn’t. The banks were intending to process you this afternoon. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen this afternoon. The banks are mobilizing in certain places for you. They are ready for you.

There are a few things that I didn’t expect to hold on to this long. They are not time-sensitive and I was giving others the opportunity to release this information first.

Item 1: banking information for exchanges, about the process.

Item 2: information about currency exchanges in Iraq up to a specific date, and we have not yet reached that date.

Item 3: Memo to US banks with similar information and specifying dinar and dong would be exchangeable starting from now to a specific date. We are still within the date on those memos. I guess the other folks just don’t want to trade with us; I know they have this intel. These three items are still current.

Items 4 and 5: the memo about the RAF bank, which I shared on 25. January.

The only other intel is about these special conferences that are looking for answers. I don’t know what will happen when I conclude this call. I am just ready and I hope you are. Bring it! Remember to be prepared!

We had intel telling us to be ready for early exchanges, and last Thursday and Friday there were people in the banks. Thursday wasn’t the public release, all of us didn’t go to the bank, but some people did. Those are private exchange opportunities. You can work with the pieces of that puzzle. Some members went in on Thursday and some on Friday. Change isn’t coming, it’s happening! We got reports back, and some people rejected the bank offers – they walked out of the bank and left two million dollar deals on the table because they knew about lost opportunities. When you understand those, and put all the pieces in the puzzle, you will be able to walk away from two million dollars. Some folks will take it and run, and that is what they are counting on. They say what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but it depends on those lost opportunities. Most of the time when we walk way from a good deal, it’s because we didn’t know.

Three folks on Thursday and one on Friday were offered opportunities to exchange at particular rates with conditions, and they say “thanks but no thanks”. We may not be exactly where we want to be today, but we are on the way. It doesn’t get more exciting than that. They are going to give you the ball, and you can have possession; the question is, can you dribble that ball, control it, and prevent the other player taking it from you? In football, you can receive the ball, but what do you do then? Do you stop at that place on the field or run as far and fast as you can?

When you go in, you need to plan to negotiate. Don’t take anything at face value. You are going up against people in business, and their bottom line is profits. That is what is on their mind, and it needs to be on your mind as well. All that glitters is not gold…

Q: Please share a list of tier 2 banks that will be participating in the RV? What advantages or disadvantages arise with using them? A: I don’t have such a list but you can find it on the internet.

Q: Will you consider making an audio series of your classes? A: I don’t really have the time. I am looking to not even be here after the RV. Thank you for your interest.

Q: I understand that bank may give contract rate to a limited number of exchanges. Why would the bank not want everyone to have the highest rate possible? Wouldn’t they want to have lots of money so they can make commissions and fees? A. The higher rate, the less profit, so the lowest rates would yield the better commission and those can then be distributing to those bringing in the lowest rates. I don’t know.

Q: Many in the TNT family are so skilled in accounting, etc., so wouldn’t it be a great idea to have them on the call to give ‘pro tips’ to the listeners? A: We’d have to extend the call time for that. Put it in the forum and let’s see what the response is. I don’t know if they would be willing to put their advice forward, either. Maybe we’ll put up a special part fo the forum for that.

Q: Rates on zim? A: Members rejected one cent, three cents and six cents.

Q: There is so much talk about exchange centers in the US for the internet people. What about people in Australia or other countries? A: I don’t know about other countries; they can ask their own banks for information.

Q: Caps? A: There is no information about caps. The only caps we have heard about is the cap on the contract rate, not on the exchange itself. We were also informed that the zim was going to have a cap on ‘cast exchange’. So if you go in and exchange, and you have that amount of money in your account when you leave or next day, on the zim we were hearing was a one billion dollar cap on cash into your account. Anything over that would be a monthly payout over 20 or 50 years. So the cap was for how much money you would receive right away and the rest as a structured payout.

Q: I don’t have a trust account yet. Is it okay to part my money in an MCA or NIB account? A: Yes, so long as you understand which you need to use. Be sure you know what you want to use those accounts for.

Q: Class in North Carolina soon? A: Yes.

Q: Asking about local banks. A: I don’t know about those particular banks. Call your local area and ask them about foreign currency – not dinar, but foreign currency overall. Say you want to exchange some currency and ask what they have in your area.

Q: Do you recommend taking in all your currency in at once, or taking some in to a second appointment? A: That question has been asked and answered.

Q: Where do we find capable people as successor trustees if you have no children? A: You need my information on how to run a trust! I am sure you will find someone appropriate to handle whatever you leave behind. They don’t have to be the sharpest inds, they need to be of good report and they can hire others to help with admin.

Q: Has it been confirmed that people in Baghdad have received their cards? At what rate? A: We have heard stories of cards in Baghdad being distributed and funded to some degree.

Q: If giving currency, is an affidavit better than a gift letter, in the scenario stated? A: The specific scenario is that family members gave person X the money to buy currency which was then distributed because the people giving the money have effectively bought the currency. It doesn’t matter if that affidavit is completed post-RV, because it’s just a statement of what went on when buying the currency.

Q: How do we enter the conversation about contract rates, and what are the expected rates? A: Use the rates you’ve been hearing in the last two months, and enter the conversation with that: “Ms. Banker, I have X currency and I have heard the rate is Y.” Start from there.

707 caller: Any talk about 800 numbers yet?

RayRen: I have not received any official information about 800 numbers. We are waiting for that, but haven’t received it yet officially.

Caller: If you have a trust, would there be anything wrong with purchasing three vehicles?

RayRen: Nothing wrong, but consider the risk factors. If someone sues you for everything you have, who is the owner? The trust is the owner, and if the trust owns all the vehicles, then the one suing might go for all of them.

Caller: Gloom and doom in the US re: financial crisis…

RayRen: What can we do about it? Nothing. When there are banks saying we can exchange currency, I get excited because that would be something I can do something about. That’s more interesting for me than the gloom and doom.

865/404 caller: I thought I heard you say in the background “that’s good info”. What was that about?

RayRen: That was a text saying the big bankers are in a conference right now, and I shared that with you right away.

Caller: Where is the Item 5 memo from?

RayRen: That was from the bank’s higher-ups to their staff.

Caller; The CBI site was down and now it’s back up. How is that relevant?
RayRen: The intel folks this morning didn’t say anything about it. I went to the site a few minutes and it was up again. So it could have been a glitch on the site.

Caller: The UN site says the rate is still about 1160-1180. Is that relevant?

RayRen: They play around and post what they will, so no relevance.

410 caller: Someone asked about currency exchange centers and at one point it sounded like everyone will be exchanging there – heard anything about that?

RayRen: We used to hear about call centers, and been hearing that most people will go to the exchange centers. When this is full-blown, most will go to centers, which could be at a bank or another building for that purpose. I really don’t know.

Caller: Taxes? This is the first time we’re hearing so much!

RayRen: Nothing official on taxes. And the rest of the news is good!

Next caller: Will you let us know when we reach the back window? r

RayRen: Sure, when we get there. If people are having cash-flow issues, there are other avenues, such as getting a job. Many are seeing this as our salvation, but we can also plan for this not happening for longer than we expect… or ever. How would you take care of that? If we take care of business, when the RV comes we can jump into new issues instead of waiting for this to miraculously solve our lives. Some people are willing to work for $8 per hour, if that is all that is available. It doesn’t matter if you are worth more, if you are not receiving anything. If there is a will, there’s a way.

We have no choice but to wait it out. They must have reasons to expect us. Try to enjoy life while we wait. Anything can happen at any moment. Banking people are ready and trying to figure out why it didn’t happen. Change is happening, and I’d rather be happy about life and my fellow man than looking for things to throw sticks at. It’s just a better way to live. Hopefully the next call will be THE call, the wrap-up call, with the numbers so that you can go to the bank and have fun. I cannot make it happen, all I can do is sit and wait for it to happen. I can do that, because I BELIEVE.


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