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TNT Call notes 17-July-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Marvelous Monday, July 17, 2017.  Yours truly RayRen98 here to walk you through today’s call.  Where do we go from here?  We had folks thinking things would happen on Friday evening, then on Saturday – that when the markets closed, it would pop out.  That might have been the plan and something happened, or it might not have been the plan at all.  I don’t know the details.  The facts as they stand right now is that we are not headed to the bank – yet.  But still, we know it is coming, and should be soon.

I shared with some members on TNT that I had information that made me what to believe it would be Friday, but my gut feeling was ‘don’t belief that’, so I didn’t get excited or in a tizzy when it didn’t happen. That’s where you all nee to be, even with all these prophecies and such things that don’t really have substance.  Take it with a grain of salt.  We have rock solid information that this will happen, and we don’t know when, but we do have indicators that it is happening soon.  There is no need to get upset or jump around, just sit in wait.  To the victors go the spoils.  All we can do is assess the information, pull out the practical part, and go from there.

Of course when someone SAYS it will happen at three o’clock, you can go with that or not, as you choose.  Updates on Thursday and what we talked about on Friday – all of that is good stuff.  On top of that, we are getting more to show this reality is complete though not finite.  It makes me think it will go this week, but I don’t know the process.  The things we see in the news, etc., would lead us to that conclusion.  Contractors are talking about changes to their ‘pay processes’ this week;  even though that is in-country, it is still a change.  Those involved with the card system are receiving notifications that a change is coming, although it didn’t say a specific date and time.  Their expected time has passed, and what they expected didn’t come through yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Our banking community has been told to expect large foreign currency exchanges.  I don’t think they would be notified if the exchanges aren’t anticipated until the new year!  Old employees, new employees, and the whole financial world knows this is coming.

The CBI site has been down, then came up with no dollar rate;  now it’s back up with the US dollar rate.  What was that all about?  Something is afoot, and I’m okay with that.  I don’t need to know exactly what they are doing this very moment, because I’m ready.  If you’re ready, you won’t be blindsided.  That’s the only question remaining:  are you ready?  If you’re not ready, the intel won’t make a difference.  Until then, we gather information for you guys, because I am at peace with this process.  In the meantime, I ask if there is any opportunity to take advantage of while I wait.  If you have everything nailed down, all you can do is to be ready.

Information is good for this week for some things I’ve heard and choose to believe, that you have not heard.  Contractors are letting people know what is going on with their pay, and now that they are putting it out, we can chat about it.  Some people with cards have had notifications, both in and out of the country.  Those who are in another country see a converted amount for their purchases.  When that dollar amount changes without a new chunk being sent to their account, what does that tell us?  We just need to get mobilized and strategically make our move.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  What is the holdup?  Why are we still waiting?  When do you think this is going to happen?  A:  I answered all that in the opening statement.

Q:  They say that q cards are ready to go for the 21st and can be used internationally by Iraqi citizens, but no mention of any rate.  If this is true, when will Iraq post rate?  How soon after that will it will we be able to see rate internationally for us?  A:  I don’t know.  Citizens are experiencing the change in the Q cards, although they have not been given a specific rate.  Then they can calculate a rate based on that.

Q:  Over the weekend there were several articles out of Iraq referring to the HCL.  In your opinion, is this still a big issue that could slow down the RV?  Could it already be done and not rolled out for us to see?  A:  No, it’s not a big issue, and yes, it can already been done and not rolled out publicly.

Q:  Will the bank seminar manager give handouts out on the programs discussed?  A:  I suspect they will bring brochures and marketing materials pertaining to their bank and their services.  I would think they will have loads of literature, and at least notes because this will be their opportunity to get in front of 500 people to pitch their business to people who are interested in it.

Q:  This hasn’t been mentioned in awhile, but can we take an accountant or attorney with us to exchange?  A:  I don’t see why not;  ask when you make your appointment.  There will be banks who do foreign exchange already;  this is just on a different level. We tend to make this a bigger issue than it really is – it’s still the same concept.

Q:  Is your confidence level at a 10 out of 10 that we will finally receive the 800# or other RV notification This Week?  A:  Yes.  I am not hearing anything saying NOT this week (or last weekend – I just didn’t trust that particular source).

Q:  Ray, is it possible that when this occurs and I go in for my exchange that I can take both my dinar and my daughter’s and exchange at the same time then set up an account and place her portion in the bank under her name?  And who will be responsible for any taxes?  A:  You want to take all the currency and exchange it, and then deposit a chunk her into a separate account?  I would make sure you are on the account with her.  Then you should not have any problems doing that.  However, you are the one responsible for the taxes, because you did the exchange (if it is taxable, which we don’t know).

Q:  Are there any changes for Canadians?  Is the only bank for us to deal with TD Canada Trust?  A:  I haven’t heard any changes for Canadians.  I do believe there will be multiple banks at which to exchange in Canada.

Q:  With the 1st, 2nd, 3rd mouse plan, where will the hedge fund rates show up and how can we track them?  A:  By paying attention to Forex and the hedge fund sites.

Q:  The caller from Puerto Rico was telling you about an acquaintance who had an appointment for exchange for the zim;  have you talked to him since then?  Did he make the exchange, and if so what was the amount that took place?  A:  That hasn’t taken place yet.

Q:  Do you think the Dong will go at the same time?  A:  Yes.

Q:  Do you think that the Kurds are going to create their own country. If so won’t that cause a delay in the RV?  A:  No, and no.

Live questions

865/404 caller:  7-17-17… is that not a full house?  We just want to take it to the  exchange centers.  As I understand it, these exchange centers are linked to specific individual banks?  So we would have choose one bank at which to exchange, rather than all big banks having subsections in a warehouse (for example).  Anything from the Gazette?

RayRen:  I’m not 100% sure of that (exchange centers).  Nothing from the Gazette;  there was a flurry of information on the television and such on Thursday, but very little over the weekend.  My bank information has been talking about ‘soon’ rather than ‘today/tomorrow’.  I hope we will get more information on that today.

Caller:  When will the contractors complete their new pay arrangements/scale?

RayRen:  It looks like the end of this week.

423 caller:  [can’t understand this caller]  Didn’t we hear last week that we would see monetary reform coming to completion right away?

RayRen:  I didn’t report that;  I only said there was an acceleration of reforms, which is what they said on Iraqi television.  Maybe someone else brought that up somewhere.  Yes, Abadi said that economic reforms are coming through, immediately after liberation, and now they are having meetings to decide the date that will happen.  That meeting is one day this week, but the overall date will be set from that meeting.  They haven’t said anything about it being in July, but obviously we hope it is done in July.

786 caller:  Didn’t Baghdad send reforms to the IMF?  [fuzzy]

RayRen:  Nothing more than what we’ve already heard.  I would assume Iraq reforming its currency and the CBI posting the rate would be what we’re looking for.  As for all the currencies coming out together, well, the other currencies in the basket are definitely not moving in front of Iraq, or they would have already come out.

410 caller:  Thanks for the information about the MSNBC special – it was very interesting.  It showed how news outlets distort the news, because it looks like there is still a lot to be done, from the American point of view.  What did you think?  It seems like the US wants to take a lot of credit for actions, but there is a lot more work to be done before they can do what we are waiting for.  Also, Are you talking about the MasterCard Q cards going international?

RayRen:  Yes.  And other credit cards as well.  About the MSNBC program, I realized that it wouldn’t have the information I was looking for, so I didn’t watch it.

740 caller:  My daughter is in a credit union, and has money deposited by someone else every week, so it’s possible that credit unions will allow that.

RayRen:  Some banks don’t allow you to deposit cash in someone else’s account.  I was kind of surprised at that, but have heard it from several directions.

Caller:  They like to trace where the money comes from, but if in the same bank, there should be no problem.

Bev caller:  The seminar that you mentioned, I wasn’t able to register.

RayRen:  You filled out the form and hit submit, then nothing happened?  Well, don’t worry about it;  that was just a head count so that there could be adequate facilities.

Robin:  I did watch the MSNBC special and found it interesting as a newcomer to the TNT folder;  it gave me a lot of back story.  Also, according to that program, the Kurds are seeking independence;  if so, what impact will that have on the dinar revaluation?

RayRen:  Based on what has happened and what they were expecting over the weekend and into this week, that will have no bearing on all this.

610 caller:  Please donate TODAY by sending your check or money order made out to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

IdahoUSA:  Remember the meet-and-greet in Coeur d’Alene, ID;  people need to sign up on the TNT forum.

OK caller:  If someone chooses to exchange at a bank or a redemption/exchange center, contract rates will be offered at both locations, right?  Obviously these exchange centers are just extensions of the bank…

RayRen:  So far as I know, year.

Closing Statement

We’re in a good place, based on information that cannot be shared.  If we don’t wrap this up this week, there should be strong indicators of when it will wrap up.  There are still some factors I’m not familiar with, but the information I do have suggests this week.  By the end of this week, it should either be wrapped up, or we will have very definitive information as to when it will be resolved.

Some of  you still need to look into the self-directed ROTH IRA;  look at it in a non-conventional manner to see the opportunity it presents right now.  It’s an attractive tool to have in your portfolio, especially if you already have a 401k.  Look at the ROTH IRA in its full features, and see how our particular situation will make it function differently to how you would normally expect it to operate.  At least take a look!

If anything come out, we will post it in the forum.

RayRen played I Believe


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