Capt.Willie: It’s ok to be disappointed in all of the delays, but remember, it’s not about us. We are of no consideration when it comes to the political processes in Iraq.

Eccle519:  All Kurdistan did was put a calculated fire under Abadi to implement the agreements! And that’s all it was imo. Abadi responded with a jab the Kurds blaming them for the unrest…just Iraqi politics!!

Jose:  iraq will always have political unrest. it just what ir is…. an RV would inly help calm things down. but what do i know

Briona:  Give the people of Iraq more purchasing power and watch the unrest dissipate.

Chuicy:  i dont think that iraq can do international business with international corporations international contracts with a flatlined currency rate

Eccle519:  It will happen, it’s going to happen. Just last minute wrangelings


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