PM Abadi conducts an hour-long + speech attacking corruption from the governors downward, addressed the liberation efforts of Tal Ahar on Monday and again indicated that August 21 is targeted for the full ATM loading of the lower denoms and for all of the cards to be mailed out by August 20.

Reports have come in regarding contractors receiving their pay at the new rate, however, that rate has not been disclosed. Time Will Tell!!!

Red:  there was a confirmation today that Okies news was 100% correct and we should see the 800 numbers out before Monday evening Pacific standard Time can anyone confirm or deny this confirmation?

RVAlready:  Red, I hope you are right!!!!!!!!!!

FullofHope:  Bruce’s called last night confirmed it! He said the contractors have been paid and back paid at a high high rate and at $26,000 ATM machines are loaded with the lower denoms and the rest will be loaded Sunday they are on a three-day holiday that ends Sunday! it sounds exciting I hope we’re really here

Red : now we have to wait and see if Okies Intel provider and Bruces Intel provider are both correct, by Tuesday we should either be at the bank or still waiting…

RVAlready:  Well, Monday is the 21st – the day Abadi said the RV was going to happen.

FullofHope:  their 21st is on our 20th!  what I mean is they go into the 21st 7 hours before we do

RVZone:  To be clear – OKIE did NOT say anything about 800 numbers either. He mentioned a timeline that the reforms affecting the revaluation were expected to start.
4sirden:  hoped this is NOT true …Board of Trustees of Social Security sent a formal letter to the United States Senate and House of Representatives to issue a dire warning: Social Security is running out of money.

FutureMoney:  as soon as the congress was allowed to touch SS we were in big trouble… it had much surplus until congress was allowed to BORROW from it…now its toast

RVAlready:  The banks and the nation need this. The US has been bankrupt since at least 2008, and social security is headed for failure. So, no RV/GCR = real bad ride.

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