NetGlobal: Wow, I guess the CBI is going to have to implement some security on their website. Looks like a hack…. the site that was hacked was

JWill: CBI probably screwed up their website on purpose just to create confusion.. CBI, IMF, World Bank ?? They’re all family members.. like peas & carrots.. lol…. I can picture the CBI people in a meeting and someone says ” hey watch the dinarians go nuts.. look .. ” and they do something crazy to their website. Lol

InfinitePower:  We know that they know that we are wacthing…

NetGlobal:  Well, I am sure the CBI IT folks are working to repair this and put in measures to prevent it from happening again

InfinitePower:  USD removed from website….. I hope this is good sign….

RVAlready:  From what I remember, Abadi said that monetary reform would be completed by the end of July. He is a pretty brilliant guy, with a PhD in electrical engineering. He usually delivers on his promises, in spite of any opposition.

Harambe: website is down now.

Aceman:  harambe it got hacked… t was hacked by juba baghdad it said on the site earlier

Kue911:  harambe before the cbi site went down it had removed the 1184 us dollar rate. Tells me maybe something is going on.

RVAlready:  I’m sure they can RV, with or without a functional website.

Yada:  Agreed rvalready. Fact is we won’t see the RV appear in the cbi in the first place until after we’ve seen the release first.


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