Carlosisan: I saw the rumor about the Marriott and Holiday Inn taking Intl currencies as pmt. So, I went online to the Holiday Inn site, made a reservation and when it came time to choose my payment, I had an option of paying in several different currencies, the iqd and vnd were listed. How long has this been an option? I urge you to see it for yourself.

:  I wonder if Holiday Inn can give back change in IQD? Lol

 Did you see that they accept other currencies as well? I see the VND, ZWN as well as others.

 Q: with Holiday Inn etc etc accepting iqd/vnd for online purchases, could that be simply an updated function of their Merchant Processing Service’s international electronic conversion capabilities, or will those companies also be accepting the paper currencies as well. The later does not make sense as the logistics of processing most Intl paper currencies could be cumbersome. When the Room Rental costs 50 iqd (instead of 236k iqd)) thats when they have my attention.

Natok:  gm FullSail, A: they started putting this on their websites last year, noticed as I booked a room. jmo, when they put that on their website, did not say coming soon, soon available, etc, SO I believe they could accept their currencies then! BUT when that rate changes, it will be noticeable on that also!

Ify:  just checked the hotel reservations myself. did anyone else notice they had USD and USN for currency choices? what is that all about?

Sooneriam:  I just went to Chase Bank an Oklahoma to sell a small amount of my vnd. The bank rep said they could not by any of my VND now because their system is down…. The bank rep asked me to wait and come back in about half an hour. I did and then she said they are sorry because their system is down at all of the banks in this area. This seems very odd for a major Bank. I wonder what this could mean.

Harambe:  Reuters: Nechirvan Barzani takes presidency of Iraq’s Kurdish region, vacant since 2017.

Harambe:  CNBC: The Chinese yuan is at its weakest level of the year el-of-the-year.html?


Tishwash:  Bahaa al-Araji: I have certain information that Adel Abdul Mahdi will submit his resignation and Abadi will replace him

Former Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji has confirmed the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the coming days.

“I have certain information that Adel Abdul Mahdi will resign soon and Abbadi will be his successor, and this is a matter of course and is over,” Araji said.

This talk comes in conjunction with many statements by politicians and spokesmen on behalf of the political blocs on the intention of Abdul Mahdi to resign after failing to complete the cabinet cab and the end of the file of the administration acting according to constitutional times.    link

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