Uenvoy: Here we are on the Year of the Monkey,, and still no RV.. but Gold is up over $100 in the past 30 days. And we are all still breathing.. so we are good.

Gold is up $41 and climbing today

If we see more than a 400 point drop in DOW, we may be seeing this RV today..

So if the Dow hits higher than -400 like -425 then we are seeing the correction of the stock market and possibly big moves in the foreign markets… need to see if this lasts… today.

Its looking like the market is leveling out. now at -276 on the Dow

Remember take it as my IMO only.. Time will Tell!!

As long as there are Central banks, paper money and the means to create a false financial wall. there will be fiat currency. As long as there is someone out there that controls the gold, oil then there is false hope in a system that will fail.

Pearle: The Chinese are on vacation for a week…wonder what will happen

Shastaconnect: The Probability of Negative U.S. Rates Is on the Rise

Yada: Shastaconnect,,looking at the link on Negative rates,,,this is where we as new cash olders come into the mix,,,the banks are not lending as much money which creates more money to lend,,with out lending, the other option is for the banks to hold large sums of money to use in creating loans,,,,when we exchanges, the money will create a new avenue for banks to extend loans,,,,,,,,as much as some are saying,,the fiat system is not going away anytime soon,,,

Shastaconnect: German plan to impose limit on cash transactions met with fierce resis?tance

Dinar Updates

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