Tishwash: The White House announces the appointment of a new ambassador to Iraq

The White House announced Thursday (November 8, 2018) that US President Donald Trump will appoint a new ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, the current US ambassador to .Yemen According to the White House,

“Toiler will replace Douglas Seelman, who was one of the top “.US diplomats in Baghdad since 2016 The ambassador from Yemen has his own experience with Iran, which supports the Huthis in” .the country,” she said   link

X22Report:   Published on Nov 7, 2018

The elections went as planned, it was not about getting the house and senate it was about getting the senate, the investigations are complete, they are now in the hands of the senate, the FISA declas will bring down the house.

The deep state is in a panic, this is not what they thought was going to happen, they believe they have the control in the house but this will be short lived. Stay strong, fight, fight, fight.

X22 Report:  Published on Nov 7, 2018

Elections Went As Planned, Military Planning, FISA Brings Down The House – Episode 1710b