Contributed from a member…

As I was completing some banking transactions on Friday evening, I inquired about the Iraqi Dinar. The teller checked the rate and was surprised to see it at $1.XXX and she called on another bank employee with more experience to observe and check her screens. The second bank employee was equally surprised at the rate seen and the dollar amount of my intended exchange process.

Due to the large transaction amount, the manager was called over (as a third eye) and to confirm the exchange process. All would have been “a GO” except the bank person stated that due to my volume, I could get a higher rate but, since they were near closing,

I would have to wait until Monday to learn the higher rate, and I agreed to come back on Monday for those results. There was not enough time left to get in a “leverage” opportunity, it was closing time for the bank and they were ready to go home! LOL

I’ll return on Monday and report on my results.


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