TotallyBlessed: Good morning TNT! This will happen “suddenly” I think. Though we’ve watched for it for years, it will still come out when we least expect it. Like right now. I do NOT expect it right now. So right now works!
Briona: The speed of which they get things done in Iraq is not conducive to attracting investors. Excuses will only work for a while, before people lose interest in working in that environment. They had better get their act together and start working more efficiently, instead of constant delays.
Phantom809: The pressure is building. I don’t think they can keep the cover on this for much longer…. Think of the original pressure cooker. A pot with a cover and a rock on top. Our pressure cooker has a cover with Iraq on top….. Sooner or later it will blow.
Natok:  gm tnt, for those that are feeling down today, count your blessings, remember, it takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown! chins up, we are here to win it!
Fullsail:  For me…time frames I give to those who ask with no issues: “it could happen today tomorrow, this week next week, this month next month, this year next year… BUT eventually IT will happen” , then I ask “will it be worth the wait to retire etc” , always get a resounding YES even when I ask myself. And even if it doesnt happen, we cant win the lotto without holding at least one ticket. I will simply wait it out, as eventually IT will happen.
Harambe:  Reuters: Iraqi police use batons to disperse protesters outside Zubair oilfield as unrest grows (7/17/18) https://reut.rs/2LjvMYz
Sunny:  An Unprecedented Wage Stagnation Hits As IMF Warns Of Economic Downturn – https://youtu.be/rHZwDJTXhz4
Phantom809:  Vietnam: The Next Frontier in Asia’s Luxury Real Estate Market — Ac?tivity in the luxury real estate market is surging in Vietnam, mirrori?ng a booming economy that posted a 7.38% year-over-year increase in GD?P in the first quarter of 2018—the country’s strongest in a decade?. — https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/vietnam-the-next-frontier-in-as?ia-s-luxury-real-estate-market-102826
Phantom809:  Activists: Iraqi police arresting protesters in the south — The gover?nment rushed to contain the protests with promises of thousands of job?s, mainly in the oil sector, and an urgent allocation of 3.5 trillion ?Iraqi dinars ($3 billion) for electricity and water projects. It blame?d “infiltrators” for the damages.–https://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/world/article214944825?.html
Phantom809: Iraq opens Kirkuk Airport for civil aviation in August — Kirkuk Airpo?rt will open for domestic and international flights in August, an Iraq?i official announced on Monday, Anadolu reports. — https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180717-iraq-opens-kirkuk-airport-f?or-civil-aviation-in-august/
Phantom809:  The UN remembers Iraq and acknowledges its reconstruction needs — n a press conference on Thursday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres responded to reporters demands to know more of the U.N.’s plans for the Middle East. Secretary-General Guterres answered by saying, I have not forgotten Iraq. The stability of Iraq, the democratic nature of Iraq,….  https://sofrep.com/105920/the-un-remembers-iraq-and-acknowledges-its-r?econstruction-needs/
Tishwash:  Iran ‘s economy shows why electricity is cut off from Iraq
(Reuters) – Iran said it had given priority to meeting its energy needs during a suspension of electricity supplies to Iraq.
“All energy contracts and agreements contain frameworks and requirements, including the exporting country and when it is in dire need, it must first meet its domestic needs,” Energy Minister Reza Ardkanyan told reporters.
“Iraq is in great need of electricity, especially in the summer, part of which is provided through Iran through the power transmission lines. We are in constant contact with the Iraqi side. The Iraqi electricity minister was in Iran recently and we were briefed on our electricity needs,” he said.
Iran has decided to halt the export of electricity to Iraq for about four weeks, at the height of the summer, against the background of problems related to the transfer of Iraq to the amounts due to Tehran.
Iraq produces 15.7 thousand megawatts of electricity, and imports from Iran 1200megawatts, while needs 23 thousand megawatts to ensure non-interruption of electricity for Iraqis and the result is 12 hours a day representing the rate of power cuts for the Iraqi provinces.
Iraq decided to send a ministerial delegation on Wednesday to discuss the energy issue with Saudi Arabia.   link
Tishwash:  Source: The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, including the withdrawal of senior officials from state ministries, an informed source said on Tuesday.
“The Iraqi government is preparing to launch a new package of reforms, including the withdrawal of senior officials from the ministries of the state, as well as local officials in the provinces of south and central Iraq, whose names have been branded by the demonstrators,” the source told SNG.
The source added that “the reforms will include the transfer of a number of them to the Court of Integrity and Administrative Justice, and will include the launch of allocations to the provinces of the south and center, and obligate the foreign oil and gas companies to be Iraqi employees have at least half of its staff, as well as other investment companies , In addition to providing free fuel for generators in the residential areas so that citizens can be equipped with electricity throughout the day.   link
Cutebwoy:  Rashid confirms cash machines not affected by Internet interruption
Economy news _ Baghdad
Good Bank confirmed Tuesday, cash machines not affected by interruptions, noting that cardholders arrears of branches.
The Bank’s information Office said in a statement it had received “alaktsadnioz”, “all cash machines (poc) for the MasterCard card at branches of the Bank were not affected by Internet outages.
“The hardware is working without problems card holders can receive benefits from the Bank’s branches in Baghdad and the provinces.”
Cut off from Internet mentions Iraqi provinces over the last two days it comes while experiencing Iraqi provinces, including Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Babil, Diwaniya, Basra, Karbala, Baghdad, large demonstrations in protest against unemployment and lack of services.