Eccle519: One latest Guru comment sounds credible…Since the UST is the main backer for the Dinar (as banks alone don’t have that kind of cash for a $1 to $4 exchange), doesn’t it make sense they (UST) are involved in the timing of this? I think so!

Chris2000:  It’s going to be digital. ….. No cash needed.

Eccle519:  Chris: Initially, but still needs the backing of oil & Dollars which is part of the (US Gov created plan for Iraq which most tend to forget)…the buck stops somewhere!

Jambie67:  The Korean Summit was a success! A treaty has been signed to begin the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This is historic, and great news for all. Perhaps, a catalyst in kicking off what we are seeking. Hope is alive!

Yada:  Agreed jambie,,,a safer world promotes more prosperity all around

Billnmas:    just heard some really good news from my peeps about an hour ago……………….fingers crossed for Sunday on…..

Imaginary2:  Hello Billnmas can you give us a nugget?

Billnmas:  Thats it………..groups starting then were next week……..guess we will see……I’ve heard it before but excitment was very high


NWMontana:  Iraq’s Sadr and Amiri announce political alliance – state TV~

NWMontana:  “Parliament has demanded a nationwide recount of votes, drawing calls for the election to be re-run. Abadi said only the Supreme Federal Court could decide whether to re-run the vote, which was won by an alliance led by the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr. “The matter is exclusively in the hands of the judiciary, not politicians. The government and parliament don’t have the power to cancel the election,” Abadi told a news conference.”

Adam Montana