Member: I went to Wells Fargo on Wednesday after the TNT Call. I asked the manager if he has heard about the GCR- he said yes. I asked about the Afghani rate, he said that the Afghani is on the screen but no rate but he said that the rate will be around 2.50.

Also asked him about the bank fine if they don’t RV, he said that they did get the notification. I asked about Iran Rial, said that it is on the screen with no rate but it says “waiting.”

Also that he heard that it could come out right under the Iraqi dinar rate. They do sell the Indonesian Rupiah at some branch locations and on their website. Also he expects the RV to happen in the week so by next Wednesday from what he is hearing from the bank people and his other sources.

Also he told me that the banks are watching them on giving out info and there are consequences if they get caught. He is invested in the GCR and other foreign currency.
Also I asked him who he listens to, he said TNT.

LocoFelipe:  After so many years in this…. it would be only natural that we would all have some contacts in various places around our immediate area. I certainly do…. and I am more optimistic about the next couple of days than I have been in quite a while.

JSL:  how many unrelated sources are saying April 29, so far I have counted about 5 sources all over different sites. People have said April 29 that have never even been on one of these sites, simply told a relative from inside info there is a Huge Event on April 29…. Believe me anytime would be Great, tomorrow would be better!


Tishwash:   Parliament approves oil and gas law …

16/4/2018 12:00 am

BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah

The head of the parliamentary legal committee, Muhsen al-Saadoun, that the adoption of the law of oil and gas contribute to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, noting that the parliament received more than five drafts of the law during the previous two sessions.

Al-Saadoun said in a press statement that “the approval of the oil and gas law contributes to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil and determines the responsibility of each party to manage natural resources.”

“The House of Representatives failed to interpret Article 112 and 111 of the Constitution, which caused the disruption of the passage of the law, despite its importance,” he added, ruling out “finding a final version because of differences on the eligibility of the parties to the  conflict.”

Al-Saadoun pointed out that “the disruption of the oil and gas law caused a major crisis between Baghdad and Arbil has reached the threat of war between them, while the adoption of the law will ensure the legal and constitutional right of each party, whether a province or a territory.”   link