AurthorsamOliver: Announced on Kuwait TV

Kuwait TV just announced that a closed door meeting was held, and the World Bank is endorsing Iraq now. They are guaranteeing all investors, 212 Investment Projects, that Iraq is back to International Status.  I smell a budget and a rate.

Harambe: Bloomberg: Gulf States Pledge Billions to Rebuild Iraq After Islamic S?tate Defeated

Harambe: Reuters: As Iran rial hits record low, police crack down on money changers … … Iranian police cracked down on unlicensed money changers in Tehran on Wednesday, arresting around 100 traders, Tehran’s police chief told local media, in a sign that authorities are concerned about speculators pushing the rial to record lows..


Lynette Zang: The Criminal Banks Know Something is Very Wrong

Lynette Zang from ITM Trading joins me to discuss the economy, precious metals and the storm that’s brewing. The criminal banks have stopped lending to each other because they know something is very wrong. Will the masses realize it – or be told about it – before it’s too late? Probably not. But you will.

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-14-18