Fuze: Update February 12, 2018.
Well guys I went in today, WF to pick up a few more dong,  that was ordered “back door” last week. The lead woman foreign currency teller was in the drive window, so the lead male teller assisted me.
As he was facilitating the transaction, I asked, are you using your new enhanced Foreign currency system yet? He said,  no it’s still not online yet.
I said, well aren’t they going to allow  you guys time to train some before you have to start using it?
He said, they sent us this 3 frame digital video of it supposedly to train on.  In stead of us having to open and close systems like I’m having to do now,  like bouncing between your account and  the foreign currency screen,  all screens will be opened side by side with customer account, rates and Currency for easier and faster processing.
I said oh, I see.  So they are expecting more foreign currency customers?
He said, I guess so,  but I’ve gotten so accustomed to bouncing from screen to screen now it dosen’t really bother me.
But if the foreign currency side had a dramatic increase of biz then you might  need it,  I said.
He said, oh yeah! I asked when   was he hearing it should be implemented?  He said now they’re just saying February.
This is Teller level Intel, in a city with a population of roughly 190,000. 7 WF branches, and only 1 foreign currency branch.

Stay tuned…..