Lobster: Abadi is Tweeting like crazy today

MyLove: Haider Al-Abadi? Verified account   @HaiderAlAbadi – We will soon announce the end of military operations in the western desert, secure our borders and declare a day of victory for all Iraqis whose sacrifices made this historic achievement possible

MyLove: Haider Al-Abadi? Verified account   @HaiderAlAbadi – We finished Daesh militarily in Iraq and liberated our towns and cities. This is an Iraqi victory, made by the Iraqi people. We thank all those who supported Iraq and stood by us during our battles of liberation

MyLove:  Haider Al-Abadi? Verified account   @HaiderAlAbadi – From the military point of view, we have completed our ongoing operations to clear the desert and within a short time we will announce the end of the cleansing operations. Citizens have the right to celebrate a humiliating defeat and wait for the completion of the cleansing operations to declare victory day.

Al:  Abadi tweet. Deliver us all our cities and our lands and we finished fable ISIS State. I thank everyone who supported us and Iraqi support in our war against the ISIS.

Cyclone:  PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We want to safeguard the interests of our Kurdish citizens. We will pay the salaries of state employees in Kurdistan region but we will only do so based on accurate data

MyLove:  I find it interesting that Abadi is tweeting so late in the evening there….it’s almost midnight!!!!  Can’t sleep Abadi???

Briona:  The only tweet I want to hear is that their currency is in the process of RV-ing.

RvAlready:  I expect that tweet after I get back from the bank.  I think all of this is just running off a script at this point… It is kind of like the week leading up to the Academy Awards…. Unless there is a big mistake, this is a done deal.

RvAlready:  The CBI is now independent, I believe. Alak will make the RV call. But I think we will already be back from the bank before that announcement.

CharlieOk:  I think there is a good chance you are right rv. However, if A tells the CBI to rv – they better rv.

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