The Parliamentary Decree: The passing of this law ends the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil

“The approval of the oil and gas law contributes to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil and determines the responsibility of each party to manage natural resources,” Al-Saadoun said in a statement to Al-Mawdhara.

?”The oil and gas committee received more than five different drafts of the oil and gas law during the previous two sessions, .

He added that “the House of Representatives failed to explain Article 112 and 111 of the Constitution, which caused the disruption of passage of the law, despite its importance,” ruling out “finding a final version because of differences solutions to the eligibility of the parties to the conflict.”

“The disruption of the law of oil and gas caused a major crisis between Baghdad and Erbil has reached the threat of wars between them, while the adoption of the law will ensure the legal and constitutional right to each party, whether the province or province.”

Source: Almaalomah

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