The Governor of the Central Bank appreciates the efforts of participating banks to settle salaries

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, praised the efforts of banks involved in the settlement of salaries, stressing the need to adopt the principle of professional competition in the delivery of offers and services.
“We appreciate the efforts made to participate effectively in the project of technical and organizational salaries,” said Ali Al-Aalak, governor of the central bank, in a letter addressed to banks participating in the project to settle salaries.
He added that ‘we would like to emphasize the adoption of the principle of professional competition in the delivery of offers and services and retain the right of the employee to choose the appropriate bank’, stressing the need to ‘take the necessary procedures to open the bank accounts associated with the city bank card in accordance with the decision of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers No. 281 For the year 2017 ‘, indicating that’ the Central Bank is ready to provide support and support required ‘.
And participate in the project to settle salaries Rafidain banks and Rashid and Iraqi trade and industrial and Ashur International and international development and the Iraqi Islamic and Iraqi Ahli and Abu Dhabi Islamic and Baghdad and Byblos and the Middle East and the Lebanese dependence and the Gulf and the Islamic south and Jihan and Mosul.
The project aims to promote the concept of financial inclusion and the spread of banking services to all segments of the community and provides services, including city cards and control of accounts via mobile phones and purchases through the Internet.
Source: IKH News