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Source reveals why Internet service is deteriorating throughout Iraq

2019/02/23 11:14

Source reveals why Internet service is deteriorating throughout IraqBaghdad today _ Baghdad

A source familiar with the Iraqi telecommunications sector, Saturday, February 23, 2019, the reason for the deterioration of Internet service nationwide and various networks equipped.

The source said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that “the reason for the deterioration of the Internet service nationwide and the various networks processed is due to the acquisition of pieces in the sea cable located in the Arabian Gulf, which equips Iraq with Internet service.

“The concerned authorities have mobilized their efforts to repair the imbalance and are working round the clock to end the problem,” he said.

The Internet service in Iraq, especially in the capital Baghdad, registered a marked weakness in service over the past two days.

“They are suffering from poor service and slow access to social networking sites and other sites,” users told Baghdad Today.

Many businesses are connected to the Internet, and any weakness in service or interruption causes significant losses to their owners, such as cashiers, money transfer companies and others.

Iraq saw late last year a significant decline in Internet service, which was attributed by the Ministry of Communications at the time to the “disruption of the sea cable,” while specialists ruled out that the cause is real.

And continued deterioration in this year also attributed to the Ministry of Communications the reason for the bodies and companies to steal the Internet capacity in Iraq and smuggling to neighboring countries.