A senior Syrian Kurdish official has called on the US to build a no-fly zone in the country’s northeast in hopes of preventing any attacks by the Turkish army, a report said on Wednesday.

The Kurdish co-head of the Defense Office in the self-administration of the north and east of Syria, Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, said that she would welcome any such plans by Washington.

“We would very much welcome that. We would welcome it even more if it could also include Afrin,” Ahmed said, as quoted by Kurdistan 24, arguing that Turkey could not take over the northeastern Syria if it was not given a green light by the US.

She, therefore, noted that it was necessary to establish a no-fly zone in the area.

Ahmed made the remarks after Ambassador James Jeffrey, the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement, revealed on Monday to reporters on that his country would not leave Syria as long as the Islamic State (IS) is not defeated and all Iran-commanded forces have not withdrawn from the region, as cited by the report. Source