Russian stock markets plunged after the US strike Syria


Russian stock exchanges fell after giving Washington a blow to the military airport capillaries Syrian Homs, by 59 missiles “Hatok”

By 11:39 pm Moscow time (08:39 GMT), “index fell MICEX ” shares denominated in rubles by 1.63% to 2021.21 points.

The “index dropped the RTS ” shares denominated in dollars by 2.67% to reach the level of 1118.05 points.

The ruble was not more fortunate as the Moscow Stock Exchange data showed by at 11:25 Moscow time (08:25 GMT), the decline of Russian national currency exchange rate against the dollar by 0.51% to 56.91 rubles.

As well as the ruble exchange rate fell against the European currency “Euro” by 0.53% to 60.54 rubles.

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