Report: Trump envoy carried a message to Kurdish leaders on Ebadi that effect

US President Donald Trump’s envoy, Brett McGamp, has recently visited the Kurdistan region to carry a message from his country’s administration asking Kurdish leaders to support Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi for a second term of office, the BIA satellite channel said on Friday. The next federal government.

The channel quoted the opposition government of Kurdistan today in a report on its sources, that “McGurk carried a message to Kurdish leaders of the US administration that the need to support Abadi again to fill the post of prime minister of the federal government.”

According to the channel sources in the report, “there is a trend began to prevail within the two main parties in Kurdistan to support the Vice President of the President of the coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki to govern Iraq in the event of winning the upcoming elections.”

On Wednesday evening, MacGorek met with Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, his deputy Kibad Talabani, the General Coordinator of the Movement for Change Omar Sid Ali and the head of the Justice and Democratic Alliance Barham Salih.

During his meeting with Barzani, Trump expressed his country’s satisfaction at reducing the tension and the positive meetings and meetings between Erbil and Baghdad and hoped to continue meetings in order to reach acceptable results, especially on the issue of airports, salaries and other needs of the region.

Sunni parties and political forces in Iraq are seeking to postpone the elections scheduled for next May, but only the ruling Shi’ite Alliance is publicly opposed to the postponement and demands that it be held on time.

The Iraqi parliament failed in its meeting on Thursday to determine the date of elections after the withdrawal of several blocks.

Washington has strongly supported the Iraqi elections in May 2018, warning that postponing them would set a dangerous precedent, undermine the constitution and harm the long-term democratic development of Iraq.

Source: Shafaaq

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