The official announcement from the Iraqi election will be tomorrow, Thursday, because they are still counting overseas ballots.  …They say that Sadr is first in the count, but they also say not to believe any rumors.  Essentially, nothing has happened and nothing will happen until after that count.  Sadr says that he doesn’t want to be PM, and he will talk to anyone (although he has been backing Abadi for the last few months).

Sadr does have some conditions, and nobody knows what they are yet.  Abadi has already said he is going after the corrupt, so that probably won’t be one of the conditions.  The only condition I think Sadr can make is the timeframe of the RV, because Abadi is already doing everything else Sadr is likely to ask for.  So we are not concerned until the official numbers and the conditions are announced.  Then we’ll probably know how much longer we have to wait.  I haven’t heard anything from Iraq or from the US banks – everyone is waiting.

On Monday I said we should see the RV by Friday, but we were expected a release on Monday.  Now I really think it will be out by Friday.  I don’t understand it all, unless that was the plan to start with.  I’d think there is some reason Abadi took the chance, but in any case Abadi is still the PM until 1. July, and he can ask the CBI to release the new rate at any time.  The government still operates during Ramadan, so I don’t think that’s an issue.  There is nothing holding this back:  no laws are needed, Article 140 is not really relevant, and so we are just waiting.

KTFA (Delta)