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We would like to inform you about a training course entitled “Counterfeiting and counterfeiting local and foreign currency and counterfeiting” …who counterfeits a currency worth 0.00090 to the dollar? And, it’s not even accepted outside of Iraq itself. Counterfeiting a $100 bill makes perfect sense, but a 50K note worth $40 bucks? [They look towards the future Mike.] I guess so but Iraq’s currency will slowly rise in value due to the effect of the Balasaa-Samuelson effect, it’s not an overnight deal. In addition, security symbols, raised dots, colored threads and the Spark optical features make this one of the toughest currencies to counterfeit today. With a value of 0.00090 to $1. Shabibi told us all throughout 2011 and 2012 that counterfeiting was an excuse by Iraq’s leadership to not make a change in the value of the dinar. It was a scare tactic. Why we’re still seeing this stuff is beyond me. It sure seems like a lot of work for a currency that’s essentially worthless outside the country.

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