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MrsClassy:   Article, from July and mentions the October 16 Arab-American banking meeting ! FWIW,  “the Arab-American banking conference will be held in New York on thesixteenth of October next and Iraq will participate with a large banking delegation,”

?noting that “there is great confidence between the Association of Iraqi private banks and the US Treasury.” seems in years past, there has been movement to the positive in , July and October, well here we are, hopefully, with my dinar goggles off, a breakthrough MAY, be on the way. Im not one to hype it up, I try to stay grounded and ready. A date, A rate, I havent a clue. But, with the news as of late, it just feels somethings are changing.

MrsClassy:  Im not saying an RV on October 16, I am saying, Why, Arab-American Meeting? Friends hundreds are gathering for this event,  “the dialogue session aims to open a new page of relations with foreign banks and specifically with the US banks,”

MrsClassy:  Noeta, this is the one Ive been watching.    July 19, 2017

Government, private and foreign banks operating in Iraq have discussed with US Treasury officials at the headquarters of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks to open relations with foreign banks, specifically US banks.

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks said in a press statement, “We organized a dialogue session in the presence of Central Bank representative Mazen Sabah, representative of the Union of Arab Banks Khawla al-Asadi, member of the parliamentary economy committee Mahdi al-Hafiz, directors of private and government banks and heads of branches of Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq with the Minister of Economic Affairs at the US Embassy Larry Mimot and representative of the US Treasury in Iraq. ”

Read More:

Iraqi banks are looking with the US Treasury to open relations with foreign banks


MrsClassy:   News is slamming us, form every network. People are protesting, half of them dont even know what their protesting about. Take off your political hat, stay neutral, and ask yourself WHY? “America, America, I have called you in this hour,” says the Lord. “To stand tall, to stand free, to stand independent and sovereign, in the light of My glory. You will lead the world into a new day, My day, My vision, My heart,” says the Lord.

MrsClassy:  Experts: We demand a greater role for industrial and banking sectors in Iraq

Journal October 9, 2017  BAGHDAD Journal News  called economic adviser and banker Samir Nasiri, the government has to represent the private banking sector in official economic delegations and joint economic commissions with the countries of the world.

“The government is currently preparing to launch its plan for sustainable development for the years (2018-2030), a vision refers to giving a clear and essential role of the private sector in all fields, and certainly the funding area is the foundation.”

He stressed, we believe that this step will be important on the road to devote a culture of privatization after the success of the partnership and its importance in diversifying sources of income.

Read More LINK

Payray:    Good stuff MrsClassy… These are the articles that should have us kicking our heels together… These are the articles that supersede all of the negative ones in value as it concerns our investment…  The potential for the RV is anytime, and has been for a while… There just seems to be a particular date, and time frame for all of this… This weekend could prove to be very interesting… Many things are lining up…

MrsClassy:  The rise in the value and number of shares on the Iraqi stock exchange during the last month[/ltr]

Baghdad / … 58 companies traded in the Iraqi market for securities, during the month of September to record an increase in the value and the number of shares traded during the same month compared to the month of August.

MrsClassy:  Rafidain announces the issuance of international electronic payment tools[/ltr]

Since 2017-10-11 at 10:05 (Baghdad time)  [ltr]Baghdad Mawazine News[/ltr]
[ltr]Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has issued an international payment mechanism for employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society.[/ltr]
[ltr]”The bank has for the first time instructed its branches to issue electronic payment tools (MasterCard) to employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society,” the bank’s media office said in a statement received by Mawazine News.[/ltr]

Read More: LINK

MrsClassy:  Al-Rafidain issues the international MasterCard card for employees and citizens
10:12 – 11/10/2017 Information / Baghdad .. Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has issued an international payment mechanism for employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society.

“The bank has for the first time instructed its branches to issue electronic payment tools (MasterCard) which are used inside and outside Iraq and are acceptable in all ATMs connected to the MasterCard network, as well as points of sale,” the bank’s information office said in a statement. .

The bank said in its statement that “advances and loans granted to employees are through these cards and settle their salaries electronically.” Ending / 25


MrsClassy:  The financial crisis is gripping Iraq’s economic capital

Basra province – Journal News Basra province suffers from a major financial crisis, in contrast to the educational, health and service situation in the province, despite the fact that the province is considered the economic capital of Iraq because of its wealth of large resources supporting the state budget, most notably oil.

The first deputy governor of Basra, Mohammad Taher al-Tamimi, told the «Journal News», on Tuesday, that “Basra’s budget has reached zero, as there is deterioration in the health and service and educational,” and called “the central government to release the dues of the province.”

Read More LINK

MrsClassy:   Iraqi gold settles at 211 thousand dinars for the weight

Economy News _ Baghdad  The price of Iraqi gold, on Wednesday, at 211 thousand dinars for one weight.

The price of a gold 21 caliber, today 211 thousand and 535 dinars, while on Tuesday recorded 211 thousand.   It is noted that the weight of one gold is equal to 5 grams.

Payray:  The wave of the future…
Love it when international is mentioned within articles concerning Iraq’s economy…

MrsClassy:  The low exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar

Economy News _ Baghdad The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar fell on the Central Struggle Stock Exchange in Baghdad and local markets on Wednesday (October 11, 2017).

Kifah stock exchange – Baghdad 126 thousand, while prices were on Tuesday, 126.200.

Selling and buying prices in banking.
The sale price of the dollar = 126,500 dinars.
The purchase price of the dollar = 125,500 dinars.

MrsClassy:  From REVIVAL.   IBBC Autumn Conference 2017: ‘Together We Build Iraq’

October 10, 2017 in Construction & Engineering In Iraq, Investment, Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News, Iraq Oil & Gas News
IBBC Autumn Conference 2017: ‘Together We Build Iraq’
12 November 2017, The Address Dubai Marina, Dubai

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is pleased to invite you to the IBBC Autumn Conference at The Address Hotel Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, on Sunday 12 November 2017.

The five conference sessions will focus on:
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Economy in Iraq
Reconstruction and Infrastructure – The Built Environment
Enabling Reconstruction
Oil & Gas

Read More:

IBBC Autumn Conference 2017: ‘Together We Build Iraq’

MrsClassy:  Source: Iraqi ports are experiencing a huge pile of imported containers because of a customs decision


Baghdad , said a source familiar with the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday that the Iraqi ports experiencing enormous congestion in imported containers because of a customs decision described as “strange”, stressing that the decision requires issuing a customs declaration for each single container.

The source, who asked not to be named, that “this decision hit the ports completely paralyzed because of the disruption that will block the ports and make them unable to provide the flexibility required to deal with the flow of goods imported to and from Iraq ,” revealing “the issuance of a resolution No. 6231. On 30/8 2017, which is one of the strangest customs decisions in all international ports.

Read More LINK

Payray:  NO… It is the “Together We Build Iraq A Month After Their Currency Has Been Given Substantial Value” conference…

MrsClassy:   Im Guessing,, to make certain that the proper customs tax is applied..Also, smuggling of goods,  electronic bill of lading will quickly streamline the process… Might be around the corner! I guess we will SEA!!

Payray:  Yep… They are going to definitely have to speed up the process…

MrsClassy:   Well friends, Im starting my 3rd cup of coffee, weve had so much negative here of late, thought I would bring a little Vitamin C, there are great movements a happening, this investment has been one, Ive never seen before, its twist and turns, will make your head spin. But you hold on, a little longer, keep looking at the provider not the providee. Not even a word, but I like it. I believe, it is working to the good! Have a Blessed Day!

Wasco:   Great news you’re bringing us, MC…………As always, thanks to our beloved MC………

Hstrymknwmn:  This is nice. I sure hope it pushes us into what we want.:)

Noeta:  WOW MC.  You sure did bring the goods this morning.  Must be some mighty powerful coffee you’re drinking.  This is very encouraging and should have everybody who takes the time to read through all of this very excited. You get a gold star for today (and everyday). Thank you.

Revival:  Awesome news this morning! You rock MC! loving the news you dig up.

Yes it is nice to see some hopeful news among all the discouraging news. But I do recall Steve cautioned us this would happen.

I have some time ago sent my dinar goggles on their way! Agree with you MC no rate no date but certainly encouragement.

The RV will find its way I know not the rate and date but what i do know it is not a matter of “if” the dinar will RV but “when!!!” that i am certain.   And i pray dare i say the word SOON!   Blessings,  ReVival

MrsClassy:  A big Thanks to all of you!!

The Central Bank calls on ministries to lift the seizure of the funds of the Bank of Economics

The central bank said in his letter to the ministries and non-affiliated bodies, and got it “Economy News”, “We take note of the lifting of guardianship of the Bank of Economics and Investment and Finance and your ministries and your circles to make adjustments with the new administration of the bank in order to obtain your financial rights with the need to lift the custody of funds The bank is transferred and immovable, enabling the bank to carry out its banking activities so as to be able to settle all financial obligations left by the previous administration.

ms.tisdale:  That looks pretty important!!! Thank you all.

Jacktt:  This news looks really good with my dinar glasses, on I don’t want to take them off.

Pacificpalm:  I’m keeping my glasses on and going to clean them up real good!  Thank you Mrs. C. For everything so I give you the  apple

Sixoften:  I am starting to get excited again!  There is so much good news, especially with the international Master Card and the upcoming meeting on the 16th.  I am cautiously optimistic!

MrsClassy:  Foreign direct investment in Iraq’s investment climate

Euphrates Center for development and strategic studies
11/10/2017   Analytic vision

Hamid Abdul Hussein khudair Al-Juburi/Euphrates Center for development and strategic studies

FDI occupies an important place at the local, Arab and world, in most areas, especially under the rule of globalization that call to remove the borders between countries, trade liberalization, political, economic and social objectives and others.

And emphasizing the increasing importance of FDI is a high total value between issued and ward, from 577 billion dollars in 2014 to 3, 198 billion dollars in 2016, as indicated by Arabic Organization for investment and export credit guarantee based on the 2017 world investment report Organized by UNCTAD.

The difference between foreign direct investment and indirect investment

Read More :

MrsClassy:  I truly believe, they have run out of excuses, ” if you would pardon the expression “, ISIS, well you know the story, Big B and The Kurds, that’ll take care of itself,,here is what I believe, with all the International Meetings coming up, they are going to have to have one thing, happen.

They need an Internationally Accepted, Currency, with value! 1/10 of a penny is not value.They could make the , NY conference there coming out party, rather than ISIS, Liberation speech! Will that happen, time will tell.

Abadi: This year will see a happy end in Iraq

The time is NOW !!

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press: The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, said Tuesday that this year will witness a happy end in Iraq, while denied any break with the Kurdistan region, called the Peshmerga forces not to clash with the federal forces in the disputed areas.


Iraqi and US banks meet in Washington  12/10/2017 12:00 am   Baghdad / Hussein Thogb The  presence of adults on the field of international work comes in any case, where conventional economies are not usually not important international attention of the largest economic blocs, and here comes the presence of Iraqi banks and US banks in Washington evidence of the importance of Iraq and its economy for the side

The other, who is aware that the size of work in our country is large and can be employed in the financial and executive sector in more than one sector within Iraq. Preparations continue between Iraq represented by the Association of Iraqi private banks and the US States represented by the Institute of Strategic Studies, And an Iraqi-US meeting on October 18

MrsClassy:  Iraq economically achieved a new victory by issuing a bond (Euphrates) and comes after the issuance at the beginning of 2017 bond (Tigris) interest of 2.149 percent and the value of issuances of $ 1 million guaranteed by the US government.

And here we can say that Iraq is able to achieve more progress and development and achievement in light of the return of confidence with the international financial institutions that are now aware that Iraq is on the verge of economic revival and has the fundamentals of basic development.

MrsClassy:  Big Thanks to each of you, I love that last part, with Dinar Goggles and Tin Foil Hat Off.. Iraq is on the verge of economic revival and has the fundamentals of basic development.

MrsClassy:  Lets do a simple re-cap! as always, FWIW

1. Sadam came out with a great big ole rate. Wrong timing. some didn’t like it.

2. USA and Britain and France, took over the country…when the IMF took control of the Iraqi economy-and put them into bankruptcy…

3. Then we have, new currency, printed and distributed, flooded their economy with USD, got your attention yet? Heres a little more, The old dinar was worth $3.20 before the United Nations embargo that followed Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. By August 2002, the dinar had plummeted to a fraction of a penny. Speculators are betting that given Iraq’s potential as an oil-driven economy, the dinar could rise to a value of $1 to $3. BAM !!

4. Now dont get mad at me, for this one,,,The US under, the past, administration, created the vacuum that birthed ISIS..and empowered the Iranians next door with, lovely, deals and billions of USD.

5. The US under, the present administration.. has swiftly helped them wipe out ISIS.. while the IMF and coalition has been manipulating their economy.

6.Iraq, was once a booming, with dictatorship for leadership, lots of Iraqis said, ISIS treated them better than present administration, Abadi and friends, country is in shambles, they HAVE to rebuild Mosul and Talafar and Anbar and Basra and Kirkuk , etc.

7. Iraq is the RICHEST country on the planet, wealthy beyond dreams in resources. They are about to literally, explode, thats why investors, from all around the world, are getting in on the piece of pie….

MrsClassy:  there are some that like to call the date and rate, but you know it doesnt matter, we all going to be winners! Its changing, Its no longer, the IMF, back in 2003, Its not Shabibi in 2012, its you and me in 2017, I still say, and you all may kick me in the britches,

I dont know if the banking conference is the start, I dont know if the ARAB Meeting next week is the start, tonight, tomorrow, next week, I dont know !

I do know, we have a greater one in charge, and I have perfect peace, that all things are working together, for those that love the lord, and the news is different, Amen

Jacktt:  Sounds good to me MC even with my dinar goggles off  We have no problems we just need Faith in God..

Payray:  Amen to that… Many of us are looking forward to the time when every tribe, nation, and tongue will come together, and praise our Almighty, and Gracious Creator, and Savior with even more enthusiasm than what was on display during this concert about 2 decades ago in Jerusalem… While the fulfillment of prophecy continues with each, and every day that passes (the emergence of Iraq, or the former land of Shinar) the return of the KING of kings, and the LORD of lords is of far more significance…


MrsClassy:  Had this sent to me today, interesting:

Economic partnerships between Iraq and Egypt

10/11/2017 0:00 Expert predicts “morning” the formation of financial strength between the two countries

Baghdad / Farah pumice   In light of the growing relations between Iraq and Egypt, the government is moving to open the doors of cooperation in the commercial, industrial and investment fields between the two countries, which could pave to reach common agreements contribute to the formation of an effective economic force in the region.

The economist sees Saad Muhammadawi in his “morning”, that “Iraq and Egypt , the two pivotal promise in the region and they can form or composition of economic power, which has sought the two parties during the last term.”

Indicates Muhammadawi that ” the two countries will complete each other, Iraq is characterized by the initial articles is oil and minerals, and Egypt has a long history in the industries, especially manufacturing and others.”

The expert praised the movements of the government ‘s recent efforts to create economic partnerships with neighboring countries and the region, because of its economic and political benefits and even security.

The meeting dealt with , according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Industry received “morning , ” a copy of it, “discussing the possibility of opening new horizons of cooperation and review investment opportunities available in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the development of Iraqi industrial companies in various fields, especially the mining and manufacturing industries and construction of industrial cities.”

Read More:

Remember,,Economic partnerships between Iraq and Egypt

Egypt is stating a state of emergency to last for three months.  why….?

heres the article,

MrsClassy:   A financial change, A mass movement of people (refugees) . A terror threat . What is strange is they are announcing this before anything has happened with no notice. And they know how long it is to last … 3 months. remember Egypt floated their pound couple months ago.


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