Package of new US sanctions on Iran affect Turkey

The US Treasury Department has imposed new sanctions linked to Iran targeting entities linked to Iranian airlines, an official statement said Thursday.
The statement pointed out that the sanctions targeted companies in Turkey and Iran linked to the airlines “Mahan Air” and “Mirage Air” and “Caspian Air” and “Boya Air.”
Iranian and Turkish citizens have been added to the sanctions list, the ministry said.
This comes just two days after the United States imposed sanctions on five Iranians for being linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and enabling the Huthis in Yemen to fire rockets at locations in Saudi Arabia.
Washington has threatened to impose “the strongest sanctions in history” if it does not comply with its terms to reach a “new agreement” expanded after the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal.
“Iran will never have the upper hand to control the Middle East,” Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo said during a presentation of the new strategy of the United States following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal.
Source: Twilight News