Newspaper: Jordan wants U.S. assurances before reopening borders with Iraq

Jordan has asked for security assurances from the United States before reopening one of its vital border crossings with Iraq, a Saudi newspaper reported on Thursday.

Okaz quoted a “reliable” Iraqi source saying U.S. ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman informed Amman that Washington was working to ensure the safety of the Treibil international road linking Iraq with Jordan.

Jordan insisted it was not going to reopen the road before it gets U.S. guarantees that the region was clear from terrorist threats, the newspaper quoted the source saying

“The U.S. ambassador had personally observed the application of security measures on the international road, and had taken a tour in Anbar province as part of efforts to speed up the reopening,” the report said, adding that there was a possibility that security at that road be entrusted to a private American company.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Tuesday that his cabinet was working on securing the road.

Jordan’s government spokesperson and media minister Mohamed Moamani said earlier on Thursday that it was difficult to set a time for the reopening, stressing that the move was contingent on the Iraqi side’s ability to secure the road. He pointed out “common economic interests” with Iraq in activating the Treibil crossing, the most outstanding route for trade between both countries.

Treibil crossing had been closed since Islamic State militants took control over a third of Iraq. The area containing the road’s entrance was retaken by Iraqi forces which, however, have sustained occasional attacks from militants since then.

Source: Iraqi News

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