Newspaper: Amiri seeks to prevent the accession of Abadi to the mass of the Prime Minister

Newspaper - Amiri seeks to prevent the accession of Abadi to the mass of the Prime Minister







The newspaper “the new Arab” on Saturday, that the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri seeks to prevent the accession of the President of the alliance victory Haidar Abadi to join the alliance (Saron – Fath), to win the premiership.

The newspaper said that “the alliance of the Fatah representative of the popular mobilization factions tightened its conditions on the alliance of victory led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to block the way to join the alliance of the Great Bloc (Saroon – the conquest), pushing for the distance between the parties.

The newspaper quoted a leader in the alliance, “Ssron” unnamed, to say that “the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri, seeking to obtain the post of prime minister, through sharing with others,” noting that “dialogues between the two sides clearly indicate that, Are in ministerial positions, and he is alone in the post of prime minister, and that the subject is under discussion and discussion between the two sides. ”

The leader, who declined to be named, according to the newspaper that “Amiri feared the entry of Abbadi to the alliance of the Great Bloc, and be a rival for the post, so he set strict conditions on entry to cut the way in front of him,” noting that “Amiri required Abadi not to demand a mandate And not to put any condition for obtaining ministerial positions in the event of entering with them in the coalition, and that the largest share of the blocs and the opening and the largest presence in the number of seats.

He pointed out that “the large intersections between Abadi and Amiri, and can not be exceeded during the coming period,” noting that “Sadr wants at the same time to enter Abadi with them, to pressure Amiri and reduce the conditions, but the presence of Amiri with Sadr became a major obstacle to Abadi, Any future alliance with them. ”

For his part, said the MP for the alliance, “the conquest,” Amer Fayez, in a press statement, according to the newspaper that “the Fatah and Sultun coalition did not agree to give Abadi a new term in the next government,” asserting that “Abadi must nominate for prime minister and does not stick As a condition of the alliance, and to compete with the other candidates in the national space, and then get the admissibility will get the position. ”

Al-Fayez said that “Al-Abbadi is seeking to find a new alliance, which gives him a second term, in order to proceed with his national project.”

This comes at a time when the former prime minister and leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, to announce a new political initiative aimed at a peace agreement between the Shiite political blocs, including the rearrangement of the papers of the Shiite bloc, and an agreement on the file of sovereign positions as well as the new government program , According to the newspaper.

Source: baghdadtoday

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