New US sanctions affect the governor of the Central Bank of Iran for its contribution to the financing of the Revolutionary Guard …

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank governor, Crown Prince Ali al-Saif and Iraq-based Bank Al-Bilad Bank for “transferring millions of dollars” to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
The sanctions are part of Washington’s efforts to stop funding what it calls Iran’s “malicious” activities in the Middle East.
US Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin said Saif secretly turned over millions of dollars on behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards through the country’s bank “to enrich and promote the violent and extremist agenda of Hezbollah.”
“It is shocking but not surprising that the highest-ranking Iranian banker has colluded with the Quds Force of the IRGC to facilitate the financing of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and undermine any credibility it may claim to protect the integrity of this institution as a central bank governor,” Menuchin said in a statement.
The US Treasury also included Ali Terzali, assistant director of the International Department of the Central Bank of Iran, and Aras Habib, head of Al Bilad Islamic Bank, on the black list.
The sanctions, which are being imposed under the nuclear deal, will include certain transfers to the central bank in US dollars starting on August 7, 2018.
Last Thursday, the US Treasury Department approved new sanctions against Iran, as Trump promised during his announcement to withdraw from the nuclear deal, including six members of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
The White House said earlier that Trump was preparing to impose new sanctions on Iran to ensure that it did not develop nuclear weapons.
“We are 100 percent committed to ensuring that Iran does not have nuclear weapons,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.
“We will continue to exert maximum pressure, imposing enormous sanctions on them. All the sanctions that existed before the agreement will return as they were, and we promise to add new sanctions may be imposed next week at the earliest ».
The US president has said that the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement comes to the failure of the agreement to stop the activities of Tehran destabilizing and its attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and deter them from pursuing its ballistic missile program.
“I will announce that America will withdraw from the agreement with Iran,” Trump said in a speech from the White House. “In a few moments, I will sign a memorandum to launch sanctions on the Iranian regime.” Our sanctions may also include other countries complicit with Iran.
Source: BasNews