Ministry of Trade .. Baghdad exhibition witnessing the establishment of specialized exhibitions during the months of February and March


The General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services in the Ministry of Commerce announced the establishment of several specialized exhibitions on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair during February and March in addition to the establishment of other specialized exhibitions in the governorates of Basra, Maysan and Wasit.

This was confirmed by the General Manager of the company Eng. Hashim Mohamed Hatem, adding that the establishment of these exhibitions comes within the company’s plans to promote the activity of the exhibition and its active role and influence to promote the economic and development reality in addition to being one of the means of communication and keeping pace with developments and developments in the world.

Adding that the exhibitions that will be held on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair during February is the Khan Al-Hariri exhibition (made in Syria), which is currently held until the 11th of this month, and the exhibition of the fourth Islamic Republic of Iran, which starts on the 12th of this month, The exhibition of the conference of specialized health services and the tenth exhibition of agriculture for agricultural and livestock production and the exhibition of the Iraqi travel market and the first national exhibition of university services and the exhibition of fashion and civil beauty and all these will be held during the month of March next.

Indicating that other specialized exhibitions will be held in the provinces, including the Basra Fair Build VII for reconstruction, construction and infrastructure, machinery and equipment and the reconstruction of the affected provinces and the oil and gas conference and the Basra International Festival of Shopping in addition to the exhibition and conference Maysan and Wasit International III for energy, reconstruction and investment on the land of Wasit, Next.

Source: Iraq’s Economic Center

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