The Ministry of Oil announces the final statistics of exports during the month of February


The Ministry of Oil announced on Tuesday the final statistics of oil exports during the month of February.

The ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement that “according to the final statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (Somo), the amount of exports of crude oil 95 million and 940 thousand and 404 barrels, revenues amounted to five billion and 762 million and 174 thousand dollars,” he said That “the statistics did not record any oil exports from the fields of Kirkuk.”

Jihad said that “the average price per barrel amounted to 60,060 dollars,” noting that “the exported quantities were loaded by 37 international companies of different nationalities, from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and monsoons on the Gulf.”

Iraq exports crude oil currently from the southern ports in Basra after the cessation of northern exports as a result of the region’s non-compliance with the oil agreement with the federal government.

Source: Iraq’s Economic Center

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