Quote: “The general orientation of the central bank is working to restore the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to its former glory in collaboration with government banks, indicating that the bank seeks to make way for government banks to carry out sale the dollar put pressure on speculators in the markets.”
Well this is obviously a word to get attention.Glory be it!

What other glory is there than bring back your currency to it’s real value and away from a program rate?

We all know the banks are meeting with the UST and have been for some time now.

Are the final touches in place?

I’ll bet so.

Even Abadi today is just about ready to tell the world the final inches of Iraq are liberated from ISIS.

Security and stability is at hand.

Therefore, imo the remaining touches if you will are being done and in a very timely manner.

9-15/2017 IMF, 10/16/2017 Private Banks and the UST and then 10/18/2017 Iraq and US represented by the Institute of Strategic Studies.

Go figure.. A global think TANK! wink then ka boom lol that fast.

People’s Dinar
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