Article: “Abadi .. From the fronts of fighting to the diplomacy of the victor”

Quotes: “Saudi Arabia expressed its desire for a strategic partnership with the victorious Iraq, promising to enter the Iraqi market…”

“…the Amir of Kuwait all members After a successful round of negotiations, investment, industry and agriculture files were discussed…”

“…The game was not easy…especially the next on the same plane from an important and successful visit to Saudi Arabia’s arch-enemy of Iran…but Abadi could convince the makers of Persian carpets quickly…”

“…Al-Abbadi returned to Baghdad and in his bag promises of good Iranian and Gulf restoration of Iraq for its regional role and cultural and cultural status.”

“Iraq has also announced its retirement from the game of sectarianism and concentration in any of its trenches…”

This is the most powerful post I have ever seen to date…what a piece it is!

If this is not National Reconciliation, I am not sure there is any to be found.

Abadi has been to see all three in one flight.

The accolades come from with not only red carpet but from the likes of Kings, Princes, Presidents, Emirs, the highest in the Regions!

Saudi Arabia  and others have the keys for the future and that is support, that is given to Iraq through Abadi’s leadership and ability to unit where sectarianism is now lost.

They have successfully negotiated investment, industry, agriculture and importantly political and security files.

They have retired the sectarianism!

They have found deep corruption in so deep and over $300 billion.

Yes, this is going to stun the world, and I’ll bet in short order in more ways than most will ever imagine!

Abadi has said he will keep digging.

I suspect the power house he is, it will to stun the world even more!

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