Article: “The International Monetary Fund sets out 3 structural measures to reform Iraq’s finances, including wages and electricity” They are not only involved now during the process but have been very active in the implementation phase we are in now. My view is this was ready to go yesterday, and it still is today through the opening of the Iraq Trade Bank by or around mid-May. Imo The Futures market this last Sunday and other markets reflected a move by the USA in the trade deal realm and that was a clear shot across the bow to China, imo. Now we see the key player coming back to the table at the end of the week.

This reform is not just about us, it is about affecting the lives of not only millions of people but, billions of people! imo.  Everyone knows Iraq is ready now. It is imo go time now. The King of Saudi Arabia, imo gave his blessing to have the Iraq Trade Bank be the first International Trade bank for Iraq to showcase on his soil.  I highly doubt that they miss that timeline. Big money doesn’t like to wait long. They would most likely also like to see stability with the Iraq Monetary reforms prior to the opening of said international branch.  I don’t believe in what I see they have any intentions of being late to the party. Alak has the keys to the AMF. Let’s see what happens with the trade deal in the short term while we watch the next move.

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