Saleh has said a lot of inaccurate things over years, we had a lengthy debate about this in 2015, he has problems with the facts.

The facts are that Iraq has roughly 60 trillion dinars, or say $52 billion dollars and the reserves are, according to Keywords, between $47-$49 billion.

Additionally, the IQD, no matter what Saleh states, doesn’t even sniff the criteria for a hard currency like the dollar, yen, euro and pound.

Here’s a snip, Iraq has none of the requirements, zero.

Iraq’s reserves do not cover outstanding M0 cash.

Candidly, I’ve read where the reserves are at $42 billion…

I would also add that Gross Foreign Assets, or Net Foreign Assets are not the same as hard currency reserves, they encompass two different accounting procedures.

Let me now if you can find one economist or currency expert outside of the GOI that will support the idea that the dinar is or will be in the near future considered a hard currency.

I’ve looked and can’t find one.

According to the CBI website the Gross Foreign Assets
Mnt Goat

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