Masoum regrets the US decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran


The President of the Republic and Fouad Masoum expressed his regret for the decision of US President Donald Trump on Tuesday to withdraw from the Geneva Convention on the Iranian nuclear program signed at the end of 2015 between Iran and the group {1 + 5}, praising “the insistence of other parties signatory to the Convention To continue to comply fully, and urged the United States not to prejudice the Convention and avoid obstructing its full implementation by other parties signatories.

He called on the United States to “review its decision,” saying that “the agreement represented a great achievement to promote the chances of peace and progress for all countries of the region and the international community through the activation of good diplomacy to end the dangerous tensions and avoid Disasters that depend on wisdom, humanitarian dialogue and constructive understanding based on the principles and principles of the United Nations. ”

While stressing the “opposition of Iraq to all forms of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons,” stressed the infallible concern that the decision of the unilateral withdrawal of the United States of America from the historic agreement on the nuclear file of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not serve the possibility of enhancing security and stability in our region and the world. is over.

Source: Alforat News

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