Maliki’s legacy forced Kurdistan to consider ‘referendum’ – Sadr

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The previous government, led by Nouri al-Maliki, have had a legacy of accumulated problems that forced Kurdistan Region to consider holding a referendum on independence, Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr revealed Friday.

Commenting on his stance on the referendum, Sadr said in press statements that we did not want to put pressure on the region.

He also noted that he hoped that Kurdistan takes the decision of postponing the independence referendum at least despite the fact that cancelling it is a better decision.

Kurds are one of Iraq’s components, Sadr noted, adding that if Kurdistan Region seceded from Iraq, the country would be negatively impacted.

He further stated that the presence of Kurds makes Iraq enjoy democracy and freedom.

The region’s secession will cause internal and external troubles, Sadr added.

Earlier on Friday, former prime minister Ayad Allawi said that Kurdistan’s independence referendum is unconstitutional and will drag Iraq into civil war.

Kurdistan Regional Government announced on June 7 that it would vote on September 25 on its independence from Iraq.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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