Kurdistan Region Delegation Will Visit Baghdad After Referendum: Official

Kurdistan Region’s High Committee of Referendum will discuss the formation of delegations for the visiting Arab and regional countries over the imminent referendum on independence, said an official.

Mohamed Hawdiyani, a member of the senior delegation to Europe, told BasNews that the referendum committee will decide, in the next meeting, when the delegations will visit the Arab and regional countries for talks over the forthcoming vote on secession.

“I believe a Kurdistan Region delegation will visit Baghdad for talks on independence after the polls,” Hawdyiani said.

A senior delegation headed by Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani visited Brussels last week where they met with a number of European officials and European Parliament members.

Hawdiyani described the stance of the European countries on Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum as “positive.”

European countries do not stand against any issues that comply with their accords on the human rights and principles of democracy, he added.

Another Kurdish delegation will be visiting the neighbouring countries and other Arab states to talk about the September 25th referendum, said Mohammed Sa’daddin, the Chairperson of Turkmen’s Development Party.

Source: BasNews

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