Kurdistan government: We agreed with Baghdad on 6 points .. This is the fate of oil

Baghdad / Sky Press

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Thursday that the delegation of the federal government that visited the region recently reached with the Kurdistan government a “tentative” agreement of six points, noting that it is waiting for the approval of Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the six points.

“During the last visit of the delegation of the federal government to Arbil, six points were agreed in principle,” government spokesman Sven Dazi told a news conference. “We are awaiting the approval of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

On the agreement on the oil file, Dzi said, “We have a good understanding with the federal government in this regard, and is scheduled to hold meetings to determine the framework for a convention serving the parties.”

And to determine the date for the opening of airports in the Kurdistan region for foreign flights, Dzi said that “so far no official date for the opening of airports in the Kurdistan region.”

Source: skypressiq

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