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Walkingstick: ‘We’re willing to work with Zim… but it should have its own currency,’ says US


Harare – United States President Donald Trump’s administration has reportedly said that it is committed to work with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, adding however, that Zimbabwe should “stop relying on the US dollar and instead introduce its own currency”.


Rich4hyip: The Central Bank signs a memorandum with Visa International tomorrow
international purchase and spending.
looks like Wednesday is quite significant.
internationalism with fireworks


Walkingstick: What to Expect from a Post-Castro Cuba

Apr 24, 2018

For the first time in almost 60 years, a Castro is no longer Cuba’s head of state. Last week, Miguel Diaz-Canel was sworn in as Cuba’s president, elevated from his previous role as first vice president. He has promised to modernize the country’s social and economic model, including dismantling its dual-currency system and leveraging the internet for greater good, but he also committed to retain its socialist trappings.

However, many Cubans are skeptical of how much good Diaz-Canel could bring them, and in fact are worried about making ends meet in the new regime, according to experts who spoke to Knowledge@Wharton.

The dual currency system has a Cuban convertible peso (CUC) that is pegged to the dollar, and a Cuban peso (CUP) that is worth a quarter of the CUC. The Cuban peso is used to pay state salaries and to set most domestic prices, while the convertible peso is used by tourists and multinational firms.


Walkingstick: Stock Exchange .. Efforts to issue the law of trading securities

Encouraging the promotion of government bonds needs a culture of

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi

Iraq’s stock market seeks to activate an important aspect in the national economy is to encourage trading on stocks, as well as to activate the mechanisms of trading bonds because the activity includes regulation of dealing and trading securities and control.

According to the Executive Director of the market, the market plans include two types of mechanisms, the first is to regulate the trading of securities through trading sessions from Sunday to Thursday on the shares of the listed companies of 102 companies through brokerage firms that carry out orders to buy and sell to Iraqi and foreign investors on the instructions And the rules available on the Iraq Stock Exchange website.

“The second pillar is to ensure the implementation of the stock settlement and financial clearing procedures by transferring the money to be bought from the buyer to the seller and transferring the shares sold from the seller to the buyer on the same trading day,” Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the market’s executive director, said during a meeting with Sabah. . Four axes Abdel Salam stressed the existence of a development that the market seeks to achieve through four important axes:

“Issuing the investment and trading securities law, which should add new investment outlets and job opportunities, namely the ability to establish investment funds, manage investment portfolios and issue certificates of deposit. International and corporate governance mechanisms. ”

He pointed to “the market’s efforts to issue instructions for the organization of trading operations based on short selling and borrowing shares, as well as attracting international banks to regulate the custodian and guarantor bank to attract long-term investments, especially large foreign investment funds.”

He stressed that the market also seeks to “promote the promotion of government bonds and encourage companies to issue private bonds and circulation by investors, which need to raise awareness and the dissemination of a special culture that banks still acquire government bonds and do not resort to circulation in the stock market.”

The Iraqi Stock Exchange called on the holders of the national bonds / second issue to deposit and register the bonds they own in the depository center and to trade them for sale and purchase during the period of the continuous session until the date of its amortization on 2/4/2019, where the rate of change of bond price will be 5% And minimum after all the required procedures are completed in accordance with the instructions of government bonds. Stock prices

Abdul Salam Bin said that the market attaches utmost importance to three topics, namely, “daily disclosure of the core events and quarterly and annual disclosure of the financial status of the shareholding company, and the decisions of public bodies and follow-up procedures disclosure and implementation of the policy divided earnings distributed to shareholders as one of the important factors attractive to trade and change the prices of shares traded; As well as to give great importance to the development of systems and software to protect the rights of dealers and to increase control and consistency of procedures applied using electronic systems “as well as” the development of instructions and rules that add new investment outlets and modern mechanisms of work Similar to the Arab and international stock markets, which need to develop the prevailing laws as it will add to the capital formation of the Iraqi economy and create new jobs in the economy

” Market plans

On the plans implemented by the Iraqi market for securities during 2018 Abdul Salam said it is based on the axes of “disclosure and dissemination of the culture of investment securities through the establishment of workshops for students of Iraqi universities,” asserting that the Iraqi market for securities organized five workshops during the first quarter of 2018 .

He pointed out that “the workshops have been implemented for the faculties of administration and economics, University of Baghdad Accounting Department / Phase III, College of Science City University Accounting Department / Phase III, Central Technical University / Technical Technical College / Department of Financial and Accounting Techniques / Graduate Students / Masters, / Department of Business Administration / Phase III, as well as the Faculty of Mansur University Department of Business Administration / Phase III

He pointed out that ” The Iraqi Stock Market plans also aim to” train staff in investment departments and management of investment portfolios in Iraqi banks and brokerage companies on the advanced training programs organized by the Arab Academy for Finance and Banking at the headquarters of the market to raise awareness and the ability to create new investment opportunities ” .

He pointed out that “the market plans to develop systems and software by providing instant and timely information to customers through electronic applications, as well as urging companies to list their shares in various sectors, especially industrial and extractive companies.”    http://www.alsabaah.iq/Article…..?ID=156138


Walkingstick: Economic programs in the electoral scene

here is no electoral program devoid of the economic vision of the political entity that proposes or adopts that program, considering that politics is in the basket of economy.

There should be a vision of dealing with scarcity or abundance, to maximize resources and channel expenditures and thus to achieve social well-being and security towards political and security stability .

The participation of the political forces in the democratic process in any country is of great importance to the economic axis in their electoral programs, and the economic program is often expressed in detail through publications accompanied by the electoral program, which includes detailed economic vision in the attached economic program .

These forces are committed to the programs of economic programs in front of their constituents when they face responsibility and are under the pressure of the public opinion, which is driven by civil society organizations to push the voters of these forces to be at the forefront of the rejection of non-compliance.

Accordingly, the political forces participating in the electoral battle should have an integrated vision of the state of transformation in the form of the economic system towards a market economy and a clear vision of the form and elements of this system in which the features of the social market economy overlap with the features of the capitalist market economy .

Thus, the stage of economic adjustment, which was prolonged by the extension of the transitional stage in the political scene for 15 years, has given us a state of blurry vision for some, which until this moment speaks of the obligations of the sponsoring state while demanding the privatization of state functions. Facilities and guarantees to attract foreign investment and support the private sector to lead the development process .

This leads us to wonder in an attempt to end this clash in the vision of the forces participating in the electoral process in this regard in the light of the community awareness is still adhering to the features of the sponsoring state.

Will all the economic activities of the market mechanism be left behind? What are the guarantees of equitable distribution of wealth under a market economy? Where will the role of the state be in the face of an economy driven by private capital?


Don961: Hamash To “Conscious”: The Next Stage Will Be An Economic Stage “With Excellence”

ECONOMIEOn April 22, 2018

Conscious – Special

The economic expert Saleh al-Hamash said that Iraq has overcome the security file successfully and overcome many of the crises, noting that the challenges ahead will be “economic challenges excellence.”

Al-Hamash told Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “Iraq succeeded in extinguishing many crises, as well as the great success in the security file, which qualifies it to be an economic environment incubator for many international and Arab companies wishing to work inside Iraq.”

He added that “simplification of government procedures and the banking system will have an impact on the entry of companies,” noting that “Iraq is able to reform the economic file after its success in the security file.”

He explained that the economic conferences held in the country gave Iraq a clear picture of the companies honest through his extensive knowledge of the work of companies developed by Arabs and the world. link