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Perkinli: Conversation a friend had with Wells Fargo branch today:

Spoke to small local Wells Fargo branch, here is the conversation:

Friend: Are you capable of performing the Iraqi dinar currency exchange after revaluation?

Banker: Yes

Friend: Will you be performing this at your local branch?

Banker: Corporate is waiting for r/v to determine specific details like that. When, (get that, when not if), the r/v happens, corporate will determine specific strategies.

Friend: Does your branch have the equipment necessary to perform the r/v?

Banker: What do you mean equipment:

Friend: For verification of the validity of the notes.

Banker: Yes

Friend: What are the r/v rates going to be?

Banker: Hah hah hah hah


Samson:  Trump calls on Iran’s leaders to dialogue

2019/5/9 19:59

US President Donald Trump on Thursday called on Iran’s leaders to dialogue, according to US media.

The media quoted Trump as calling on Iran’s leaders to contact him as relations between the United States and Iran have been strained since the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal and until today.

On Wednesday, Trump announced sanctions against Iran’s “iron, steel, aluminum and copper industries” to boost pressure on Iran and threatened to take fresh action if Tehran did not radically change its behavior, the White House said.

After withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015, Trump reiterated in a statement that he hoped to meet “one day with Iranian leaders to negotiate a new agreement.”   LINK


1busybee:  Nation against nation…..kingdom against kingdom…..wars and Rumors of wars…..among other things we are witnessing…..lots of smoke and mirrors seem to be going on…..Remember what Frank stated weeks months ago …..things would seem to get bad and all could seem not to be working out…..then Bam… the still of the night…..all IMO of course…..Blessings to all..


Samson:  Pompeo meets Russian president next week

10th May, 2019

The US State Department announced Friday that Mike Pompeo will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Russia next week at the highest-level meeting between the two countries in 10 months.

The news agency “AFP” for the State Department that Pompeo will meet Putin on Tuesday in Sochi on the Black Sea after stopping in Moscow.

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Pompeo will hold a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov to exchange views on bilateral relations and urgent international issues, including those in Venezuela, Syria and Ukraine.

“Improving relations between Moscow and Washington is possible only on the basis of equality and mutual respect for each other’s interests,” local media quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying on the occasion of Pompeo’s visit.    LINK


Samson:  Trump: No need to rush on a business deal with China

10th May, 2019

US President Donald Trump showed his tendency to stick tariffs more than the implementation of a traditional business deal, stressing that there was no need to rush to reach a trade deal with China

Trump said in a series of Twitter tweets on Friday that the tariffs would bring more wealth to the United States than a large conventional trade deal

Trump described the definitions as easier and faster implementation

Trump also stressed that the talks with the Chinese side were proceeding in a “very homogenous” manner and that there was no need to rush. “Customs duties on goods and imports are now being paid at $ 250 billion and 25 percent go directly to the Treasury

The United States began implementing Trump’s decision to increase tariffs on imports from China worth $ 200 billion from 10 percent to 25 percent

The US president said that according to those tariffs, farmers will play their roles better and faster and that Washington will be able to help countries that are being subjected to famine
Trump stressed that it would not allow the repetition of what has been happening over years of trade with China, which is the loss of 500 billion dollars annually

“If we buy agricultural products from our farmers for $ 15 billion more than China does at the moment, then we will have more than $ 85 billion left to be directed to infrastructure, health care or anything else,” he said

Trump stressed that if this is done, the US economy will accelerate as the Chinese economy slows

Trump also stressed that they would continue to negotiate with China on hopes that Beijing would not again try to renegotiate deals with the United States in the last minute, saying: “This is not the Obama administration   LINK

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